A Shadow Passing (The Africa Series)

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Shadow on Netflix location: Where is Shadow filmed? Where is it set?

He takes to the streets to exact revenge on those who have managed to evade justice, meting out his own punishment on wrong-doers. Shadow on Netflix streaming: How to watch Shadow online Shadow season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series? Where is Shadow on Netflix set? Where is Shadow on Netflix filmed?

The mercenary business is good in this new trailer for new local Netflix series Shadow

Shadow was filmed in and around Johannesburg but not much more is known about the locations. Shadow was shot on the Sony FS7 camera with Sigma cinema lenses. Most of the series was shot using a shoulder rig and gimbal stabiliser, with select scenes shot with camera cranes and dollies and very little work based on the tripod.

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Drones were also used for aerial shots throughout the production. For scenes that required a voyeuristic or dream-like feeling, the camera would be mounted on a three-axle gimbal stabiliser, and for the more visceral fight scenes it would be mounted on a shoulder rig and harness. Various drone shots of the city were critical to establish and ground the show in Johannesburg.

Netflix’s Shadow: a sneak peek

There were several creative montages and a number of visual effects used to help heighten the tension. Much of the sound is designed around emotion and character headspace. What you see on screen and what you hear are not often the same thing, but the audio elements and the visuals combine together to build an emotional experience for the audience. In terms of special effects, the series made use of rotoscoping and compositing as well as match-moving and green-screening.

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  8. Stunt sequences consisted of live stunt-action and various clean-plate effects. Crocker says that budget constraints did limit the production; however, he hopes that the series punches above its weight in the international arena. Not just in terms of the show itself, but from a business perspective, as well. Friday, June 28, Screen Africa. The making of Kenyan-German co-production Country Queen.

    Following the accident, the detective and ex-task force specialist no longer feels pain and decides to become a vigilante taking on the criminal underworld of Johannesburg. Starring opposite will be actress Amanda Du-Pont as Ashley, who will assist him as he goes after those who have managed to evade justice so far.

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    The accident coupled with a troubling case about the brutal murder of a long girl lead Shadow on his crime-fighting mission. The actress shared the news about the role on Instagram, posting to her two million followers: "Netflix and chill. God has a plan.

    Africa to the world. The series comes not long after Netflix announced it had commissioned its first-ever African drama called Queen Sono.

    WORD ASSOCIATION (MOVIE EDITION) ft. Pallance Dladla and Amanda du-Pont - Pap Culture Plays