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Grillo says some Sinaloan communities call drug traffickers los valientes , Spanish for the brave. Gold-plated and diamond-encrusted weapons were seized from Mexico's Valencia gang, allies of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, in Still, not every story of cartel patronage ends well. In his book, Grillo recounts hearing the story of the musician whom one low-level trafficker had commissioned to write a particularly catchy song about him. Grillo writes:. Soon everyone played it on his car stereo. I want him to do the job for me.

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He got too big. It was because of the song really. When you sell it at a gram level in the U. And those cartels have grown the trade to incredible proportions. In his book, Grillo describes a visit to a Mexican military base that was used to store drugs that had been confiscated from the cartels.

'El Narco': The Trade Driving Mexico's Drug War | NCPR News

As we step inside, a cocktail of mystic toxic smells greets us. To the left, towers of cling-wrapped marijuana loom above our heads.

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To the right are huge sacks of cut-up ganja plants and enough seeds to give birth to a forest of psychedelic weed. Walking forward, we stumble into a pile of giant, blue metal saucepans The white sludge of raw methamphetamine fills the pan like a foul stew of ice and sour milk. In a corner, we catch sight of a much older Sinaloan product, black-tar heroin, which looks like jet-black Play-Doh, oozing out of yellow cans.

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While no one knows the exact numbers, Grillo says the trade in such products is estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars. There's no question that Mexican society has been traumatized by the violence of the past five years; but through it all, some have found a way to cope. Grillo says that in Ciudad Juarez — a town he describes as "the most murderous city on the planet" — people have started going to the opera.

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Subscribe iTunes RSS. Author Interviews. What readers of other Warren letters may have only sensed about her is now revealed more fully: she was a woman of considerable intellect, religious faith, compassion, literary intelligence, and acute sensitivity to the historical moment of even everyday events in the new American republic. The result is a useful window on many aspects of the 18th-century US. Warren's letters offer a rich source of information about many larger issues of the time, including the status of women, the nature and extent of kinship ties, and changing political conditions and economic circumstances in revolutionary Massachusetts.

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This edition represents a valuable resource not just for those who study Mercy Otis Warren but for all students of revolutionary America. This book will be attractive to scholars and non-scholars alike, as it allows readers a glimpse of the hopes, fears, beliefs, and the lived life of an extraordinary eighteenth-century American woman. It gives readers a lens through which they can gain an appreciation of the way that so many women of Warren's status survived the Revolutionary age. These are private letters, but they have a public face. Always politically engaged, Warren seldom failed to link her own concerns to the issues that faced the new nation.

One of the collection's charms is the wide span of Warren's recipients, ranging from family members, both well-known James Otis Jr.

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