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Imagine the pleasant surprise when I walked in to find a reception room with pink walls!

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Followed by many more pink-coloured rooms after that one. The afternoon tea of dreams! But although the title of this post includes afternoon tea, expect to see a lot more decor than food! The restaurant was beautifully laid out but we were happy to sit in the lounge area.

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It worked out really well as we had a whole lounge area to ourselves, not bad when you're a party of 8 plus two kids and a dog. It was actually great to have some space for the girls to move around without having to worry about bothering other guests. The staff could not have been more lovely and helpful! They brought water for Sky, juices and toast for the girls, and plenty of drinks to keep the conversation going. Any meal out with the kids is eventful to say the least, so I actually didn't take pictures of the food The atmosphere was very relaxed, the views of the grounds were stunning so after eating and drinking for three hours we had a walk and a play in the hotel grounds.

I have taken lots of pictures of the decor so I hope you enjoy scrolling down to some delicious interiors with lots of pink! For faster and more reliable responses, submit your dreams for Professional Dream Interpretation Assistance. Request new element information by submitting a request on the corresponding dictionary topic page. We will add your element to the dictionary. Buy the modules one by one , or, for a discount , the entire series. Check any module for course description and reviews. This practical course is life-changing, but easily affordable.

I saw multi bright colours in my dream last night. Like bright orange, yellow, green, red. These colours were too bright and spread all around on wall while i was standing there with plan white convos and board. I picked green colour or may be orange colour i dont remember exactly what colour i was choice from those colours and spread on my plan convos. Please what does mean??

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Different colors represent different things and since you forgot which color you used it is hard to tell the meaning but you can refer to the dictionary yourself and see what you chose for yourself. Hi Angela You are saying that you are stuck in a situation and I agree to that — could it be that God is asking you to trust Him more even during your time of hopelessness.

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He surely sends dreams to encourage and comfort us and this is one of them. In your dream you saw your son something that you have birthed pushing the boat the move of God away and that made me wonder if you are doing something to stop the move of God but if that is not the case in real life — all glory be to God! You are doing well, keep doing what God wants you do in this situation. Hi Sheba, yes when I woke up I felt very encouraged. At the beginning of the dream I was about to step into the boat as I felt it was the only way to get out of the situation.

The boat was blending into the murky scene. Its only when I started running up and down along the river when I discovered the boat this time in yellow float back on the opposite site… any further ideas? Thank you so much.

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How exciting Angela to hear that you felt encouraged when you woke up. God is so Good!! You finally sight the boat so God is saying make sure you get into the boat and stay safe. Many Blessings!! Thank You Sheba. I am trusting God for the rescue.

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I wonder the opposite side means…Ghank you so much for your time and help xx. Hi Sheba, the dream has just played out for the past week and yes God send my rescue in getting help from the least expected place to bring hope and renewed strength in the midst of the attacks by the enemy. Praise Goddand thank you. Thank you Lord You are awesome!!!! I was stuck and water was all around. There was a boat but my son pushed it off.

I then started to look for it, hoping it was somewhere in the distance. I then spotted it coming from the opposite site back to where we were. Someone pushed it back.

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The boat was a bright yellow. Hi Angela You have been doing something that is causing for the move of God to stop in your life but God is saying fret not, for He is sending forth hope, faith and strength once again to restore what you have lost spiritually so you can get on to what God has called you to do for His kingdom. I am stuck in a situation with lots of troubles and been asking God for the rescue. An incident today with kids have been showing me that the situation is hopeless.

I believe God is encouraging me that he is sending help that will bring new strength and hope. I dreamt of a friend who is wearing violet polo shirt and he seems happy and so handsome. He is sitting on a couch, and I seem to be quite upset because I am with another guy. It feels like im afraid of something.

I great deal of understanding will come with more detail on the guy.

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What is his first name, for instance? I dreamt I was in a designer store, in a changing room, changing into a beautiful red dress. What could this possibly mean?

The emphasis on the quality, brand name and beauty of the dress… in conjunction with the color red… indicates this is a positive message and specifically about you being clothed with the blood of Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate designer and lover of your soul. Redemption and protection clothe you and will be visible to all. I had a dream that I entered into a church and everyone was dressed in orange and maroon. I felt very out of place because I must have missed the dress code memo.

I got sat on one of the back rows and felt that rebuke was coming for not being in the proper cloths. Then a leader who I did not know but who everyone else seemed to know got up and was teaching. He was very showboatie in his message. It seemed he was taking glory for himself and feeding on the praise of the people. His teaching made me feel very uncomfortable. But the people were all agreeing and praising his showmanship. Orange refers to perseverance…but in a negative stubbornness.

Church refers to a mindset, or school of thought. Your difference from others may result in some unpleasant moments. Makes sense? With this kinda dream, I advise to ask God for wisdom and a spirit of intercession for people. God bless you!

Can you tell us his or her name? Dreamt of being driven in a new gray car by a man wearing pure white shirt that was spotless and shiny. I was with a friend and we were wearing black. When entering the car I saw three doors but refused to sit at the back or middle. Sat in the front seat. Next, we will talk about the dreams with the most commonly dreamed candies and what are the possible meanings applied to them. They certainly are wanting close proximity to you, so what you have to do is lay down a few more moments to get by with them.

It refers to moments of joy, so if you had a dream in which you saw or ate candies, then prepare for great joys in your life. Also note that if you gave the children candies, know that it means that there is a light in you and that way everyone who approaches your person feels joy. If you dreamed of buying candy, know that it has the same old meaning, and indicates that you can self-evaluate. In this way, each color is important because each will have a meaning. To facilitate we can divide into two parts:. This means that you want to experience new emotions in order to bring renewal to your life.

What should be done is to seek incentives and engage in situations that may bring a change to your life. Overall, dreaming of cake and sweets refers to inheritance issues, but notice that if there is any cover on the cake, it is a sign that misfortunes will appear on the way. If you had a dream eating candy this is a great omen.