101 Lists for Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists: The Little Book (Book of Lists)

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Probulos 2. Publisher : I. Probulos Release Date : 3. This book will convert you, in just a few hours from a Newbie to someone well-versed in the jargon, idioms and pop culture of the atheist, agnostic and secular humanist movement. Like my Lists book it is dense and packed with useful information in a concise and clearly understood format.

The concept for this book originated with a comment during one of our local free-thought alliance meetings. Probulos Youtube series: Reasons for Non-Belief. Recent Comments jprt on Why do churchgoers live longer?

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Links AtheistNexus. A Random Poll What are the best reasons for adopting atheism? Stop praying and actually do something. Take responsibility for their own actions and lives. Make this life and this world better for themselves and everyone else. Focus on reducing human suffering Eliminating superstition and the supernatural as an explantion for natural events Love all races and cultures regardless of religion.

No more religious wars. Do good for the sake of doing good, not a reward in heaven. Don't blame evil on demons and the devil. Base your decisions and life on science and knowledge. Encourage teaching evolution and astronomy despite what any religious text asserts.

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Sexual mores change - no prohibition against birth control. Increased concern for the environment Increased concern for animals Make this life work since there is no do-over and no afterlife Freethought - no dogma. Go where the evidence leads. While scholarly, it remains approachable in its disassembly of the validity of faith, revelation, and the standard attributes of supreme beings. A must for any infidel's bookshelf, and a great challenge to theists who are open-minded enough to read opposing viewpoints.

Instead, this defense of atheism is written in the form of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy that will arouse, provoke, and inspire the reader. The stories reveal the fallacies of traditional arguments for the existence of God and the improbability of God's existence given the evil in the universe.

Atheists should read it to bolster their creed, and theists should read it to test their faith against the deadly force of Martin's attack.

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If you fear a challenge or need the comfort of myth, legend and superstition, don't read this book, or Sagan, they may make you think. Angeles Editor "Peter Angeles sets out to assemble an anthology--"of value to undergraduate philosophy classes as well as to the general public" --that presents the case against God.

Who Wrote the Bible? Winell "As a former fundamentalist, I have worked over the past ten years with individuals and small groups focusing on recovery from religious dysfunction and addiction. Although there are several other excellent resources on this topic, Winell's book is essential for understanding how Christian funda- mentalism and conventional Christian religion can foster dependency in its adherents. Monty Python's Flying Circus:. Set 1, Episodes Monty Python's Flying Circus. Set 2, Episodes Presenting more than two dozen personal journeys, this book gives a clear picture of what attracts a person to the fundamentalist faith and what can drive believers away from their religion.

The other half are a collection of essays Barker has put together about biblical errancy, his TV appearances and debates, and his experiences in the Atheist community. A modern classic of freethought literature. I read this book to my kids, ages 8 and 10, and they absolutely loved it. One took it to bed that night to re-read and the other took it to school the next day. I've never seen such a strong positive reaction to a book from them. Yes, it's simplistic, but it's a kid's book; it has to be.

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As a parent, what i liked the most about it is the gentle manner in which difficult questions are introduced. We had to pause many times for thoughtful discussion. Kudos to Mr. Barker for an excellent book encouraging children to question the world around them and to try to apply scientific methods to understand it. Actually, this is for anybody, young or old, who still has a tendency to flirt with any form of superstition or fairy-tale thinking or is curious why other people do so.

In these wide-ranging essays, Darrow attacks beliefs in the inerrancy of the Bible, the immortality of the soul, miracles, and heaven as being completely at odds with human experience and science. The main problem of evil consists in reconciling belief in a just and loving God with evil and suffering in the world. The existence of nonbelief in God and evil premature death and suffering , as Drange persuasively demonstrates, may very well constitute an insurmountable challenge to theists, especially evangelical Christians.

What Is Atheism?

Unsure what Atheism is? Douglas' book will explain it in concise and easy to read terms but he doesn't 'dumb it down'. I can't say enough good things about this book other than to say Buy it, read it, absorb it, live it!

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Schellenberg addresses a fundamental yet neglected religious problem. If there is a God, he asks, why is his existence not more obvious? Traditionally, theists have claimed that God is hidden in order to account for the fact that the evidence of his existence is as weak as it is. Schellenberg maintains that, given the understanding of God's moral character to which theists are committed, this claim runs into serious difficulty.

You do not have to be an Atheist to enjoy this concise and fair set of arguments in defense of Atheism and of embracing religion as useful fiction. America is not, nor has it ever been an instrument for religion.

How to Speak Fluent Atheist, Agnostic, and Secular Humanist

It was purposely founded on secular ideals to avoid the oppression which all to often plagued governments where church and state were not separated. The American form of government is founded on ideals which were formulated in the mind of man. Lynn Introduction "A journalist's account of how the religious right is using the political arena to wage war against the governing principle of separation of church and state to promote their ultraconservative agenda.

The dangers of the Religious Right movement - Rob Boston presents an intelligent, well written argument against the threat of the Religious Right movement in America. He traces church-state relations from several hundred years ago to the present day and confronts the non-seperationists with zeal and passion. The Most Dangerous Man in America? This book examines the role Robertson plays in contemporary politics and his efforts to influence American society through his various political organizations, businesses, and broadcast empire.

Frederick Clarkson makes it clear that beyond the bombers and assassins who sometimes make news, is a growing, if not well understood, movement that encompasses Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and the Promise Keepers--the lead agency of the so-called Christian men's movement.

Through the media, church and community organizations, and other avenues, the right creates a strong ideology. The ideology propagates the notion that this is a persecuted group battling immoral enemies e. In such a context, momentary political travails are of little consequence. The Jesus Puzzle. Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ?

I can save you a lot of time. All you really need is this one From reviews posted on Amazon: By far the best "historical" Jesus book. From governmental agencies more concerned about their egos than solving clinic bombings, to the terrorist praising God in prayer and song while driving from a clinic she just torched, it is not only scary; it is sickening. Whether Catholic or fundamentalist, from the left or the right, blockades or bombings or shootings, these are people who believe they have some message from God to deny women the ability to make personal, medical decisions about their reproductive lives.

Each part of the story is told in a way that gives readers the opportunity to make up their own minds and judge for themselves the appropriateness of these actions. Known as the longshoreman philosopher, Hoffer had virtually no formal education, yet his awareness of the human condition was exceptional. In his first book, The True Believer was published. Subtitled Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, it offers insights still helpful today. Here are just a few of Eric Hoffer's observations: 'The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.

When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people's business. Graham A "must read" for every seeker of the truth. Lloyd Graham, whoever he is, has made me a non-believer! After reading "The History of the World", I started seeking information of the historical validity of Christ, and have came to the conclusion, as Mr. Graham demonstrates, there just isn't any. I would like to see more from this author, but, there may be no need for it!

Steve Allen makes no pretension to biblical scholarship. Indeed, must one have such credentials to understand and appreciate the alleged word of God? I think not and neither does Allen as he rips through dozens of topics revealing the blatant flaws and fallacies of the "good book". He does stop to smell the proverbial flowers, which are the few and far between edifying passages.

I must say that it is truly incredible that those of the Western culture either do not see or do not know how much of the Holy Bible is not well suited to children's bedtime stories. As Allen says in this book, and in its prequel, many of us have been guilty of reading the Bible for years without truly considering the impact of the moral values it expounds. Written in a "dictionary topical" style, most readers will not likely read it cover to cover in one sitting though I did.

Those who take the time to read its contents, however, will be unable to avoid rethinking and reconsidering their long-held assumptions concerning the teachings of scripture and its impact on Western culture's view of morality. They do it, in part, because they believe it wins political points. After all, the latest Harris polls show somewhere between 73 and 80 percent of Americans believe in God.