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The character has also turned up in psychoanalysis, being referred to in the works of Freud and Jung. The following was the occasion of the dream. Louise N. Have you nothing of your own?

King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

The further thoughts which were started up by my conversation with Louise N. The boggy ground over which people had to be carried, and the chasm which they had to cross by means of boards brought along with them, were taken from She ….

King Solomon’s Mines | the Adventures of the Orange Monk

The novel itself is a beautiful read, albeit a bit slow at times. Those interested in the origins of adventure fiction definitely need to give it a read. The Allan Quatermain books are a great read and are indeed similar in many ways to the adventures told by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I seem to recall reading some of them more than once and would gladly put them back on my list of books read. As it turns out, I just read The Lost World a few months ago, when I stumbled across a cheap copy on my way to the airport. It is well worth the read. Wade: Interesting!

King Solomon's Mines by Haggard, First Edition

Haggard likely heard such stories during his own stay in Africa and incorporated it into his fiction. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. James, Volume 1 and pp. James: Collected Ghost Stories. Acronyms have been explained in both the Complete and the Collected, and when unexplained in the Collected are identical to those in the Complete. Related Papers.

King Solomon's Mines

By Jeremiah Dutch. Writing and Writing Instruction in the Digital Age. The Manuscript of M. James's 'The Ash-Tree'. By Stephen Hopkins. Maleszka, M. By Mateusz Maleszka and Anna Maleszka.

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By Marius Hentea. Thus the reader is well prepared for the truly apocalyptic revelation which the eclipse and its related imagery signify: the sixth-century world and the nineteenth-century world are identical and possibly, identically unreal or equally only a dream reality.

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In my article which was reprinted as Chapter 9 of my book New Worlds for Old: The Apocalyptic Imagination, Science Fiction, and American Literature , and in the Norton Critical Edition of A Connecticut Yankee , I do not specifically discuss that novel as science fiction and its influence on subsequent science fiction. A Connecticut Yankee is a major contribution to the history of the time travel theme in science fiction but its more tenuous contribution to the not-very-frequent depiction of solar eclipses in science fiction my focus here given the total eclipse of August 21, deserves notice.

He and Robert Silverberg wrote a novel version of the same title.