Reflections in a Poets Mirror

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The Power of One.

Reflections In the Mirror

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He has his. Chipped words go air-borne when thrown against the mirror. Clean-up happens by fits and starts. Leda My sister tells a story about a swan and a jeweled strand. My heart, that fist, beat me silly with the love it had to give others. Biting and chewing carefully every thing Mouth takes in, mulling it over, swallowing secrets it might have told Mirror, that reflection waiting, that little girl grown up, now grown so old.

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But with shame and fear as if from nakedness I ran to the frozen river covering her laughing mouth branches, fragments of glass not knowing that seven months later a tan-armed boy would say Look , this washed up in the sand , how she would startle me: a ghost child with her smiling face purple lips and fading yellow hair— Green eyes in my green eyes.

I step away, step back, touch glass with fingertips. One day I will shave and do the ritual not knowing it is the last time. Every morning I am rehearsing saying goodbye to myself. Her skin is a thousand mirrors. And the Ship Sails On He faced the sink, one foot up on the edge of the tub. About Latest Posts. Follow LW.

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The Reflection In The Mirror - Poem by Philip St. Cyr

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