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Upwards of a million marbles are circling the globe sharing a message of gratitude and bringing a greater awareness to the world. The stories and outcomes of the simple act of sharing a blue marble have been blanketing websites, social media and the community at large.

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The kids at Rooftop School in San Francisco have sent their blue marbles all over the world in small origami boxes made of old maps. Thirteen year-old Ben shared blue marbles at his Bar Mitzvah, calling it Ocean Mitzvah, and starting a trend among his peers. It remains to be seen what this pioneer will do with the coming decade.

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But remember, this is the guy who founded Ocean Revolution to mentor the next generation of ocean conservation leaders, trekked from Oregon to Mexico with his family to bring attention to coastal and ocean issues, and connected with a toxicologist and a NASA pilot, grabbed his flip video, and filmed the gulf oil spill in order to find, and report, the truth. We intend to share that message with the entire world.

Of that you can believe. MacIntyre, T. In our second issue we move up the spine, from the first chakra—the root, to the second chakra My work in the words of others in print and around the web.

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Wallace J. A Decade of Blue Ahead.

Liverpool school’s ‘positive impact’ on excluded young students

It includes input from , K students and 34, teachers , along with librarians, administrators, parents and community members from over 10, public and private schools and 3, districts across the United States. With equitable access in place, principals also report mobile devices are used more effectively in core subjects.

In math classes, 53 percent of principals with a one-to-one program report technology is used effectively in their school with resulting academic benefits. Only 43 percent of all principals say the same about technology use in their math classrooms. With more access to mobile devices, teachers can also use more digital content in their lessons, creating more opportunities to enhance student learning.

For example, 51 percent of teachers who used digital animations and simulations to explain abstract concepts to students found the content helped students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while only 43 percent of all teachers say that their technology use is resulting in critical-thinking development.

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Evans reports better access to mobile devices appears to increase student self-efficacy and create positive student mindsets about learning. For example, when students were asked if they believed doing well in school was important to their futures, 83 percent of students with assigned laptops or Chromebooks said yes, compared to 72 percent of students who did not have assigned access to technology.

Similarly, 49 percent of students with access to mobile devices say the skills they learn in school are important to their futures, while only 39 percent of students without assigned mobile access felt the same. While the debate is ongoing, this report demonstrates the positive impact of mobile devices and digital content in classrooms around the nation. MENU Log in.