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Though Ted can appear extroverted at times, his main function is definitely introverted intuition. Ted also has a flair for academia — he enjoys philosophy and higher-order thinking, which causes the group to mercilessly label him as pretentious. Ted believes that everything happens for a reason and that everything is part of a greater cosmic plan. There is no length Ted will not go to when it comes to making his loved ones happy.

Ted sees taking care of his loved ones as his duty and cause. He taps into his logical, sensory side to create building designs and to execute projects. Her first function, introverted sensing, causes her to be sentimental to the core. She misses her late boyfriend terribly, mourning him for years after he is gone.

She takes time to adjust to changes and plans her actions carefully and deliberately. In all cases she responds promptly to the needs of those around her and seems to genuinely want to alleviate their stress. Though not a perfect typological match for Ted, she sure is cute as a button. He could have done much worse. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

Main takeaway though: Since Robin and Barney ended up together no I do not care about the flawed ending in the series, this is MY ending! Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. I think the term "edge-lord" refers to people who attempt to say things that are risque.

I don't see sufficiently frequent examples to believe people here are attempting to seem risque or off-color or whatever. What I see much more frequently are combinations of people attempting to follow what they believe is the ENTP archetype is, along with people who are just behaving as they naturally would but who may or may not be explaining themselves well. But I think the ENTP archetype is to be an edgelord in that they try to say "I am very smart and you are dumb and god is dead" type shit. So in trying to fulfill the ENTP edgelord archetype, they become the edgelord.

It's very meta. Also, most the people here are teenagers and weren't we all misguided edgelords at 15? They'll grow out of it once they realize they're annoying literally everyone. Immature esfps offend people on purpose, and immature intjs have iamverysmart superiority complexes. I think you just triggered me by mentioning Jordan Peterson, omg.

I had like a visceral disgust action. I do think some ENTPs have a know it all attitude as teens. I did. But I was also waaaay more teacher's pet than edgelord. But I think this other dude I grew up with was an ENTP and he was exactly like the "devil's advocate" stereotype and he was mostly People conveniently forget that when they try to shoehorn themselves into the type. But the Devils Advocate in the Church was basically the guy who took on the counterposition for claims being made about potential saints. Ex, Mary prayed to the old cave hermit that died last year and her hemorrhoids were cured.

They argue to blow open possibilities and to ferret out logic problems. What you often see here is Fi masquerading as Ti. When these people get called out, they start engaging in FiTe style arguments Jeez, you have such a good handle on this stuff. FiTe sometimes just destroys me. I'm like "what the fudge did I just do? And also I immediately thought of Thomas the Doubter who is kind of my most beloved apostle for his "prove it" mentality, lol. I mean, I'm not religious anymore, but he always made me feel better about questioning and not having faith.

I guess he wasn't.

I was trying to explain it and the only word that came to mind is "mean". I feel like a lot of the people who post on this sub are very young. It's just kids needing an outlet most of time time imo. There's a good number of good posts otherwise I guess I would've been turned off by those by now. Interesting point that's true but thankfully it's not the only thing that's true. Honestly I'd be on board with that. But: 1 How would you stop kids from pretending to be adults? What would prevent the same thing from happening with adults? Among other things I'm too lazy to type out. I got accredited in Myers Briggs recently and this is one of the questions I most get asked when facilitating a debriefing session with teams:.

The Thinking:Feeling dichotomy is about how people tend to make decisions. People would not want to be told they were F because they thought it meant they were less intelligent than Thinking types. So T types arent empathetic and F types dont like to be logical? Thats just plan wrong. You grouped everyone into an F or a T. What about a T type with leading Ti?

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Or leading Te? A F type with leading Fi or leading Fe? This is one of the flaws of type- the smartest people can do both- think both personally and impersonally. F is associated with empathy or more people oriented thinking, but in no way is that mutually exclusive with impersonal thinking. In Big 5, the F versus T dynamic is most associated with the agreeableness dynamic, but not exactly.

A "F" or "feeler" is a common misnomer. It does not mean that the person has more emotions than a thinker. It means that they prefer to make decisions through the lens of personal morality Fi or group morality Fe. Thinkers prefer to make decisions through the lens of personal logic Ti or group logic Te.

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That's it. I dunno where you got the 'i don't have time for feelings' sentiment from because everyone has feelings. What separates Thinkers from Feelers is how they use those feelings in their judgment and thought process. So yeah, it's normal to have strong feelings regardless of who you are. But, since you're an NT you can recognize the merit of those feelings as opposed to rational thought and usually the latter holds more value.

This makes sense to me. Iv seen stuff about never crying, not caring about other people etc around. I might link some later. These types of posts are a perpetual plague. Fe is group values but that does not mean Fi doesn't "care" about others. You are fundamentally misunderstanding the functions.


Thats a personal development metric, not a personality one. Thats your reply? You completely ignored my post and made another statement thats a clear sterotype with absolutely no basis in truth if you took 10 minutes to educate yourself. Everyone who has a passion, knows that thing that gives them purpose, or that they would die for.. Fi is merely ones personal values. Fe is taking values and seeing if they match the group. You can find your passion but if its so weird or fucked up the group doesnt accept it, you failed to Fe correctly. Neither function has anything to do with altruistic behavior.

Thats a personal decision, not one factored by personality.

Actually ur using two big estereotypes that ar simply non sustainable when u check them agaisnt reality. Aniway estereotypes have a reason to be, as well as statistics and both have a lot to do with personality. Aand at last, try to check for porpuse before trying to start a debate. If ur simply trying to appear knowledgeable about something, ask urself if its needed, if ur actually ar, if the situation calls for it, and also as to why ur doing it, because if u dont know those answers u will came out as insecure and i mean im pretty sure u have better things to do that ar better than trying to appear smart on the internet and failing xD.

Im not deflecting anything. We arent on the same planet in this convo. Im not going to waste my time attempting to educate you. Let this 6 min video do so. This is exactly why we have a problem with barnum statements, mistypes, and stereotypes. A large portion of this and the MBTI community as a whole fundamentally misunderstands this stuff. I assume he should be aware of that already. But, everyone uses Fi, Ti, Te, and Fe. According to the theory we have our preferences and that's the main point to outline. I didn't mention emotions so I'm not disagreeing.

Emotions and feelings are two different things and they can overlap. Also, I'm not sure if you're referring to me with your statement at the end or the general sub. I don't really care if it's the latter, but I am aware of the cognitive functions and the theory. I highly suggest every homeschool mother to have you child take this free assessment.

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