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The grounds follow the slanting, angular floor plan of the garden. Thus, the utmost degree of possible spatial depth was maintained, and even highlighted, via the diagonals starting from the terrace door. The consistent parallelism of all spatial boundaries with borders of the property creates a strong graphic impression, whose character may be clearly witnessed in particular from the rooftop garden. Diverse kinds of shade perennials with light leaf colors create a quiet background. The different levels of the block hedges at the same time constitute natural positions for indirect lighting provided by a sparse number of spotlights.

Green spaces Shielding for privacy protection, living leisurely in a modern garden atmosphere of smallest dimensions. Both Kate and Tim find themselves driven toward having affairs. What is Kate looking for in Jeff Slade? What is Tim looking for in Anna?

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What did it add to the story? How did it affect your understanding of the characters? In the beginning of the book, Tim becomes a stay-at-home dad while Kate restarts her career. What impact does this have on these characters? What would have changed had their roles remained the same? To which of the three main characters can you most relate?

Peter Hedges To Hit ‘The Heights’

What draws you to them and why? What would you have done differently if confronted with the decisions these characters faced?

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  • Unity is the Answer.
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Another powerful theme in the book is fantasy versus reality. What do you consider a healthy fantasy within a committed relationship, if at all? When does one cross the line? What significance does that have, if at all?

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We can recover any expenses from the hedge owner. High Hedges If you have a complaint If you are the owner or occupier of a residential property affected by a high hedge you can make a complaint to us. Before we can deal with your complaint, we need to be sure that: the hedge is covered by legislation and that you have exhausted all other ways to sort out the problem yourself. We cannot deal with your complaint unless: you can show that you have tried to resolve matters with your neighbour before involving us and; that there is a record of what you have done.

You can complain about a hedge if: it is growing on land owned by someone else it is acting to some degree as a barrier to light or access the hedge, or the part which is causing problems, is made up of a line of 2 or more trees or shrubs the hedge is mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen it is more than 2 metres tall even though there might be gaps in the foliage or between the trees or shrubs, the hedge is still capable of obstructing light or views. You cannot complain about root activity, for example subsidence, blocking of drains.

Hedge Trimming with CGC in Frazer Heights

How do I make a complaint? What will it cost? What happens next? We'll gather all the information needed to help us make a decision, this includes: writing to those involved and visiting the site. In most cases, we won't carry out consultation with other neighours and residents' associations.

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What happens if any action is needed? The remedial notice becomes a charge on the property which passes to any further owners. Is there a time limit for carrying out the works?