The Road To Violence

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This book addresses one important absence in the study of religion and violence: the religious treatment of violence. In order to pursue an understanding of the relationship between Buddhism and violence, it is important to first ask, how do Buddhist scriptures and Buddhists understand violence?

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Drawing on Buddhist treatments of violence, this book explores the ways in which Buddhists invoke, support, or justify war, conflict, state violence, and gender discrimination. In addition, the book examines the ways in which Buddhists address violence as military chaplains, cope with violence in a conflict zone, and serve as witnesses of blasphemy to Buddhist doctrine and Buddha images.

Keywords: Buddhism , Buddhist , violence , state violence , war , conflict , gender discrimination , military chaplains , blasphemy.

On the road with refugees fleeing DRC violence for Uganda

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Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Print Save Cite Email Share. McCarthy portrays a post-apocalyptic landscape where the scarcity of resources has driven the few survivors to murder, thievery, and even cannibalism.

#EndGunViolenceTogether Is Hitting The Road

The more sympathetic characters attempt common decency, avoiding brutality as much as possible. A more cynical take on the book, however, would be that the less sympathetic survivors aren't driven to malicious deeds, but that the absence of law and order simply allows the worst parts of human nature free reign.

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  • Most of the survivors in The Road have turned to cannibalism and murder. Do you think the novel has an overly bleak diagnosis of humanity? Or is it hopeful, since The Man and The Boy mostly remain generous and compassionate? Some critics have compared McCarthy's book to zombie horror films like Night of the Living Dead Is this comparison justified?

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    • Is The Road horror literature? The Boy never harms anyone in the novel, while The Man harms quite a few people though always out of necessity. Do you think The Boy will turn out like his father — violent when pushed? Or will he somehow escape the pressures of this post-apocalyptic wasteland?