I Dont Want To Miss a Thing

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Kramer's drums provide a rock-like beat, and occasionally a guitar chord and fill peek through, but for the most part, the vocals are framed in the leanest sections by a piano and in the densest by a full orchestra. If the band members are uncomfortable with their roles in the song, they haven't said so. He said, "We were out on the road, so they brought us in to see the movie and said 'Here's the song, this is where it fits into the movie, you can do it if you want.

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I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Lyrics

Logging out…. Logging out Steven Tyler sings about not wanting to miss his darling in the ballad but it was year-old German Schwarz who was doing the missing on Saturday night, with Fury ducking and dodging his shots like a young Muhammad Ali.

After forcing referee Kenny Bayless to dive in and stop the fight, Fury planted a string of kisses on beaten Schwarz, before revealing the date and location of his next fight as he targets a Deontay Wilder rematch. Tyson even got Bob to join in on the celebration song FurySchwarz pic.

I'm not one of those who take myself too seriously. Fury treated fans to another hit in the post-fight press conference as he belted out American Pie.

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Inside the ring, the 6ft 9in Brit stylist eased into the bout in his usual orthodox stance and switched to southpaw for the second. Brilliant defensive skills won the crowd over before a razor-sharp combination, topped off by a right-handed jab, sent Schwarz to the canvas.