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She always did exactly what she wanted sexually, with her various fetishes. She always thought she was safe and protected, but she never thought about the effect her ideas could have on others.

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She always just assumed they were bent, messed up people like her. Her father always told her no one is innocent. Now she was going to Florida, where the dream world would most likely be a dirty mess. And she didn't even feel like having any fun. The first time she entered the dream world was in High School with her girlfriend Andrea. Caroline thought it was cool but normal. But she didn't realize that it was actually an unusual place for people in her place in life to enter.

She wasn't poor, but she wasn't rich, and she had trouble connecting her lust to Andrea's lust. They would awkwardly show each other books and videos, then lie together on the bed, kissing and caressing each other's bodies nervously. Neither could figure out what the other wanted in the moment.

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When they broke up, Caroline was addicted to the dream world, choosing that over any new, real relationships she could have. She didn't realize how important it is that there be a clear channel between the two, that dreams collaborate and produce something good rather than overpower the other and ruin everyone's good time.

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Eventually, she experienced so much and dreamed so much that her desires went haywire. Her guardians growing up were dead and dying, and her "family" was up to their usual shenanigans. Her sister wanted nothing to do with her, her dad had his own problems with his relationship, and her mom was away at an artists retreat.

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She thought about staying with friends in the city, but she couldn't afford rent and didn't want to mooch off of the friend who held favors over everyone's head, nor pay more rent than she should just to appease the other friend. Now that Caroline was on the verge of poverty, she was unable to afford time in the dream world like she used to. Even though people were becoming more conscious of it in the real world, it was still not real, just a realm of ectoplasm and spirits. But she underestimated the power of what happens when the dream world is touched. It was calling her back, she could feel it in her soul.

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Donegal Hundreds travel across Ireland for funeral of rally driver Manus Kelly in Glenswilly, Co Donegal Mourners heard the dad-of-five's death was a 'dreadful shock'. Richard loves writing and he has published 5 books on Amazon Kindle which all have a dose of real-world experiences. Two single professionals in their forties cross paths with a Cretan on their first evening in a luxury Elounda hotel. Not able to say his name, the two settle for Harry. Judy likes Harry a lot, but he, however, fancies Caroline.

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But when Harry suffers a major financial setback, Caroline sees it as an opportunity. Reinhard Heydrich, who is the Head of Germany's SD and their top security service, is a master of deceit; playing a very integral part in all of Hitler's plans. Scheming, Heydrich informs the Duke of Kent that Churchill bombed London in order to find a reason to start terror bombing Berlin — expecting the Germans to mass bomb England in revenge.

Is it a legitimate mission to bring long lasting peace or is part of a string of well-worked ploys to swing the advantage to Germany? When Heydrich discovers that a vengeful Churchill has sent Czech hitmen to assassinate him, he begins the greatest conspiracy of his life Assurance is a mystery suspense novel based in post-war Britain where all and sundry used train as a means of travel. What could the powerful do when an assurance salesman sitting next to them harmlessly starts a conversation? Some would go for apparently unrelated personal facts and innocent white lies in order to avoid the involvement; only to be lured by his sales patter.

After the death of a loved one, the assurance company pays a considerable amount each is not really entitled to, until the white lies come back to haunt them.

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The year is Alex Holmes, Foreign Office number two, boards a train for a journey that leads him to discover Britain is on the brink of domination.