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NSF Award Search: Award# - Bernoulli Properties of Complex Dynamical Systems

In particular, the research will focus on finding independent generating partitions that give an isomorphism to a one-sided Bernoulli shift of maximal entropy for complex toral endomorphisms, rational maps of the sphere with parabolic orbifold, and Ueda maps of complex projective space. Koss will also investigate whether a group factor of a one-sided Bernoulli shift must be one-sided Bernoulli.

Bernoulli Awards part 3

The field of dynamical systems is the study of how systems change over time. It has many applications to physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and computer science, such as describing the motion of planets, the change of population in a certain species, or the errors that can occur in the transmission of computer data. The study of chaotic or random behavior in dynamical systems is an exciting and relatively new area, and many mathematical tools have been developed to distinguish between different types of random processes.

This project involves an exploration to discover systems that exhibit maximal random behavior, meaning those that can be modeled by the toss of a fair die. In addition to its inherent mathematical interest, this research represents one step towards a more thorough understanding of chaotic behavior, which in turn can help with the construction of more accurate models for predicting outcomes in the physical world.

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Please report errors in award information by writing to: awardsearch nsf. A campus-wide competition to encourage academic and professional success. The Bernoulli Awards is an annual competition that recognizes outstanding research papers authored by undergraduate students who use statistical methods to analyze an applied problem judged to be important, timely, and original.

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It gets its name from the Bernoulli random variable, the most common random variable in statistics. Inaugurated in , the competition is funded by an anonymous alumnus to recognize Notre Dame undergraduates poised to submit research papers to peer-reviewed, scholarly journals.

Bernoulli’s Early Life and Education

Plan for your future by competing for a Bernoulli Award. Awards decisions are made by a panel of Notre Dame faculty, including at least one in each College from which students apply. Email your subject and an opening paragraph to bulletin imstat.

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