From Pain to Praise

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I once found myself in the home of a woman whose marriage was touched by infidelity. Even though her husband shed tears of remorse,she looked at me with searching eyes. She looked for direction, some kind of hope. She saw the cross necklace that was dangling from my neck and picked it up gently with her hand. At that moment, I invited her to church with me. Even in such a devastating circumstance, I thanked God for his wisdom because he leads even the most broken-down and lost sinners to his grace.

Paul and Silas faced similar circumstances when they were thrown into prison during their missionary journey in Philippi. Although they were torn up and bleeding after having been flogged, Paul and Silas still found it fitting to pray and sing hymns to God.

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In their suffering, they saw the goodness of God and the beauty of his grace. How can this be? Just like the woman mentioned before, we look to the cross for the answer. God does not leave us alone to suffer for our sins and the sins of others. Instead, he gives us the strength to bear with all the burdens of this world through Jesus Christ, his only Son.

He saw the world as it was, sinful and needing a Savior.

The Bible doesn't encourage us to worship, nor does it recommend that we praise God. It commands us. Approximately times in His Word, we are told to praise the name of God. It gives no disclaimers, no exceptions, no leniency, just simply: Praise the Lord. It isn't easy and if you're like me, you struggle with finding ways to praise Him when your mind is muddled or your heart is broken.

So below are six practical ways we can praise the Lord through pain.

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Intentionally Choose Gratitude Begin each morning by thanking God for something, even if it's the simple fact that you had a place to sleep. Whether or not you feel grateful, keep a thankfulness journal and write down everything you can think of to be thankful for - even if it's just one thing. The most beneficial and healing thing for me was surrounding myself with people who tenderly ministered to me. When you're hurting, refusing to surround yourself with Godly members of the body is like amputating your own arm.

Step Away from Entertainment and Social Media. One of the best things I did for my own healing was take a break from TV. For almost an entire year, the TV was unplugged at my house. Occasionally when at someone else's home I would join them for a movie, but ultimately, there was no Netflix, cable, DVDs, etc.

So step back from those things and praise Him in the quiet. Pick Wise Resources Choose your Church wisely. Join Bible studies that actually study the Bible. Make a playlist of music that does not fuel the fire of heartache, but will stir your soul to worship.

Psalm 64 – God Turns Our Pain Into Praise

Be mindful of who you talk to on the phone. God is kind to give us ample resources to comfort us and mature us, but the devil has plenty of resources of his own with bait that looks pretty amazing. Pick wisely. Get Outside. Learn to enjoy God's creation. When I began going outside and taking walks, I learned very quickly what a breath of fresh air literally it was!

Cultivate the Right Atmosphere. Scripture teaches us to prepare ourselves for worship. Just like our hearts need a place that is suitable for praise, so does the atmosphere in our room, home, car, office cubicle, etc.

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When we are in a calm, clean and beautiful environment, it sets the stage for healing and paves the way for praising. So play worship music, light a candle often and let the peaceful atmosphere compel you to praise. Add to cart. More products.

How Your Pain Can Turn to Praise

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