Colorful Bushes and Plants: Brighten Up Your Garden

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Episode: Seven Air Date: 11th of October Presenter: Neville Passmore Story Title: Sensational New Release Plants Neville introduces a brand new plant with lots of colour, that will really brighten up your garden this year, and shows you how to look after and maintain your plant.

Brighten Your Early Fall Shade Garden

A true easy-care ground cover rose, simple to grow and easy to maintain Masses of golden amber blooms Glossy green foliage Attractive compact bush shape and appearance Easy-care maintenance Disease-resistant Early flowering Suggested Uses - Use in flowerbeds, mass plantings, large containers and as a standard tree rose. A perfect commercial landscaping plant for low-maintenance color. Growth Habit - Bushes are low growing and compact, with dense glossy green foliage. Mature Height - Grows to 28 to 36 inches.

Berry shrubs

Mature Width - Grows to 36 inches wide. Spacing - Plant per square yard, for ground cover. For a stunning display, plant 13 in 3 square yards. Plant 24 inches apart to establish boundaries.

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Can be planted anytime during Spring, Summer or Fall. Hardiness - Will thrive in U. Zones 4 to In cold zones, protect over the first winter. In zones 5 and below, continued winter protection is advised. In areas of intense heat for example Phoenix, AZ , protect by planting in semi-shade with plenty of filtered light , keeping well-watered. Flowering Period - Produces masses of flowers all season long in full sun. In partial shade hours of sun per day , still blooms, though in reduced numbers.

Performs satisfactorily with a full day of filtered light. Amber flowers early and is one of the first Flower Carpet to bloom in Spring. Number Of Flowers - Flowers produced in clusters up to 12 inches across from a single stem. Clusters comprise up to 11 smaller clusters of 3 to 5 flowers and developing buds. Up to 45 flowers and developing buds can be produced on a single stem. Flower Color - New flowers are orange yellow with brighter yellow center ageing to soft pink.

100 Colorful Garden Ideas - DIY Garden

Fragrance - Light sweet fragrance. Foliage - Dark glossy green, medium sized leaves.

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Trim to shape anytime of year, if desired. The bush is self-cleaning with few rose hips, no dead-heading required, petals fall away cleanly.

The 21 best plants for winter garden colour

Light Needs - For best blooms, grow in full sun. Grows well in partial shade hours of sun per day with reduced blooms. Not just for the beach, a colorful sun parasol can be a great way to create shade and atmosphere in a garden that gets a lot of sun, or to create a shady picnic spot. A small, subtle way to add color to your garden is to line the pathways with small solar lights, like these mosaic lights.

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  7. Solar lights are a great pick to save on energy costs and stay green. A cluster of bold, brightly painted birdhouses can be both a fantastic display and a great craft to do with your kids.

    The Garden Gurus - Sensational New Release Plants

    Find different designs and group them together amongst your flowers or trees. Or, you can hang them on a tall privacy fence to dress it up. Source: Avirginiashire. And although snails are not usually welcome in a garden, these brightly colored statues dress up an otherwise neutral water feature. Source: Bhg. A small, short fence surrounding a veggie or herb garden is a great canvas to add color to. If you really want to go bold, you might paint your walkways or tile them in a gorgeous pattern.

    Sensational New Release Plants

    Above is a dumbfounding display of craftsmanship and whimsy that transforms this already stunningly colorful garden. The pathway resembles a rainbow river flowing through the garden. Share 25K. Pin 3K.