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Sorry I've been so quiet lately. We've spent a lot of time with family the past few weeks. My Great Grandma Suzie this was when I first met her last August passed away and we've been visiting with my Great Pop Pop and family as we attended her funeral. But we did our best to have some fun this past weekend, like playing in the pool my new fav thing to do!

I'll have Mommy post some updates as she feels up to it. Guys, I can talk!!!! Daddy thinks I'm saying Matty Mommy is trying to convince herself I'm saying Mom. What do you think??? It's International Kangaroo Care Day!! Kangaroo care, or skin to skin, was my absolute favorite. It always calmed me down, steadied my heart rate and breathing, and helped me bond with Mommy and Daddy.

Bria Shan Hensley

Do you know how long my Mommy and Daddy each had to wait until they got to hold me for the first time? Mommy had to wait until I was 22 days old for her first chance to hold me. Then, Daddy had to wait an entire 33 days for his first time holding me. That's a LONG time to wait til you get to hold your baby, don't you think?

Happy belated Mother's Day!! We had a super fun weekend, filled with tball team photos and a game, messes and lots of kisses! Mommy even got a video of my taking some first steps. I'm no where near close to walking on my own, my balance is really off, but at least I'm trying!

We spent Mother's Day at home with Mommy, showering her with lots of kisses and lovins. I showed her how I can feed myself, too! She took lots of pictures so I think she was impressed! Or maybe she is ju Babies with intense oral aversions take a long time to get over these things, so this is big progress for me! All the solid foods I tend to eat are carbs - croutons, pita bread, tortilla chips, ciabatta bread I also love veggie sticks, are they carbs?? Anyway, we also visited my pulmonologist yesterday.

He had a long talk about my severe sleep apnea.


For now, we are holding off on any surgery on my tonsils and adenoids. He wants us to continue oxygen when I sleep and I can be off while awake. He said by June we can probably discontinue my inhaler, Flovent, but for now I can do just one dose a day, which is 2 puffs, instead of twice a day like we've been doing.

Since my cardiologist had kinda given me the all clear and we plan to discontinue my Sildenafil or Revatio He said pulmonary hypertension can increase with severe sleep apnea like mine, so we need to continue to monitor it. So unfortunately, we don't really have an answer or a way to fix my sleep apnea at the moment.

We're again in the wait and see phase, which seems to be my favorite place to hang out. Later this week, I'll head to my 18 month check-up. Can you believe I'm 18 months old?! The same day I head to visit my GI doc and nutritionist. I'm so excited to share my progress with bottle feeding. I've totally been rocking it, taking nearly my entire bottle which is more than the mL I'm required at almost every feeding. We're using my g-tube mainly for my meds and my 10 PM feedings.

Buuuut, I'm eating less solids and purees at the same time. They had asked me to increase my solids and purees So, I'm throwing em for a loop and doing what I want, like usual. Hopefully I don't get Mommy or Nurse Hannah in trouble! Phew, I'm exhausted!! Though yours never know it by my bed time lately. Mommy says her baby is broken that's me! I've been staying up til 11 or 12 PM, even made it past 1 am Wednesday night! Personal record!! Mommy and Daddy seem pretty tired, though, so I'm considering catching so My physical therapist was SO excited to see me crawling!

I'm just a baby, it's not like I can crawl all over the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, guys!

Cut a girl a break!! After all that, she was teaching to how to go from kneeling to standing. Now that's a skill I can get behind! I even figured out how to stand up in my crib last night! Now Mommy can't leave me anywhere!! I also had my helmet adjustment yesterday. The back of my head is noticeably rounder! I really do hate wearing that hair net, though. It just ruins my curls! Speaking of, we have no clue where I got those bouncy curls. After my helmet adjustment, Daddy took me to my audiology appointment. He said it went well, but I was really distracted and not paying attention.

The doctor also said I have some fluid in one of my ears, but it's not infected or anything so we will just keep an eye on it for now. Of course, I'll need another check up, but not until I'm older and can actually follow directions Not sure if I mentioned this weekend, but we watched brother and sister play tball after the March for Babies. Don't you just love my onesie from From Mini to Moose?! It says "My Cape is in the wash"!!

So cute, right?! Still going strong with my eye latch each day I'm not good at wearing it in the car; I've figured out how to rip it off since no one can see what I'm doing! Except for Matty - he always tells on me! So, about my ENT appointment earlier this week.

The doc said he and I would both benefit from having out tonsils and adenoids removed. She mentioned that there was a chance that my airway could be very narrow, so she did a quick scope down my nose and into my throat not fun by the way! And he does not have any feelings for her any more. The reference in HT, something triggered his memory and she was in there for a couple seconds, then gone. It meant nothing, just like she means nothing to him any more.

I've rambled on long enough Registered: Sep 11, Gee, I go away for an evening and when I come back there's a wonderful new story here! I just love seeing Han and Leia meeting and getting to know each other under these circumstances. Great job, DantSolo! I'm absolutely dying to read more. If he had a problem with Bria, she wouldn't have appeared in print. As for the memory. I in no way think that Han thinks about Bria a lot. She is in his past and has been dead for so long. My point was that he has forgiven her, and when he does think of her, he doesn't hate her.

I find it highly ironic that Han, the "rogue" of the OT, the man who only looks out for himself in the beginning of ANH , has more forgiveness in his heart than a lot of his fans.

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DantSolo has portrayed Bria very accurately. She is not the immoral scum so many make her out to be. She is a soldier who dedicated her life to the Rebellion and to the abolishment of slavery. She helped found the Rebellion, and she swore an oath to it. On Ylesia, she followed that oath, and the orders of her commanding officier to the letter, even though it destroyed her relationship with Han.

Bria isn't perfect one of the reasons I like her , but she followed the order, not because betraying Han was what she wanted to do, but because it was ultimately the right thing to do for the galaxy. Can you tell I took debate, lol. Ok, enough of that. I look forward to seeing more, DantSolo. Bria, you are putting way too much credit into George's hands. George Lucas barely cares what goes on in the EU. The rest LFL handled.

He didn't get involved with the HST. You're mixing up LFL and Lucas. One cares, the other doesn't. George doesn't care because they aren't HIS vision, they're just speculation based on a bunch of authors. The EU ain't canon and never will be. Lucas says so in every interview he doesn't care what goes on. If someone asked him about Bria he would go "Who? Lucas didn't go "Hey, I want a character to die in the books. And I don't know where you're getting the portraying Bria accurately from, since Bria is barely in the scene at all.

Or where you're getting that Bria is this high and noble being, that's barely mentioned in the scene either. The only thing that's said about her is that Han's frustrated with being stuck with the Rebellion. He also hasn't totally forgiven her for what she pulled if you re-read the passage. Otherwise he would have committed himself to her. She's not total scum, but compared to the Princess, she's nothing. Leia would never do that to Han, doesn't matter if the Rebellion need her or not. And Han knows she wouldn't, which is why he loves her so much. Bria was meant to be the antagonist in the Han Solo Trilogy.

The whole purpose of her character was for Han to hate women and hate the Rebellion. She makes a great villian, but a poor heroine. Leia's the opposite of her, the symbol of purity and virteousness. She's the anti-Bria. I don't think Han totally forgave her, he just let go of it because she was dead. Dying makes it easier to people to let go of stuff.

And yeah, that memory was meaningless. He doesn't love her any more. Here's the next post Princess Leia Organa swept through the corridor on her way to her quarters, unable to get the conversation with the Corellian pilot out of her mind. He seemed nice enough, beneath that hard, smug exterior.

Of course, the way he had let her know that he was the Tharen woman's consort had been crude and inappropriate. But she supposed she could forgive that little lapse in propriety. That thought almost caused her to laugh aloud. She knew of Solo's reputation. He might be serving the Rebels at the moment, but he was undoubtedly a mercenary at heart. He had made it clear that he didn't wish to officially join the Rebel Alliance. She wondered at his motivation for helping for as long as he had. Did he stay strictly for Bria? And you would never be seriously interested in someone like him anyway.

Her thoughts wandered to Wesley Tobin. Sometimes it amazed her that she had let him as close to her as she had. The former Imperial Lieutenent had always been devastatingly handsome. Leia had thought so from the first time they had met at Imperial Center on Coruscant. He came from a wealthy family on Commenor, and so was accustomed to a life of luxury, just as Leia had been, before she had been forced underground. They had been good freinds, and Wesley had always wanted more. Before the detsruction of Alderaan She closed her eyes and slowed her gait, trying to bring her emotions under control.

She couldn't allow anyone to see her private agony, not even Wesley. While still a member of the Senate, she had maintained her distance from Wesley, claiming her dedication to politics as an excuse. They had managed a warm friendship, but his intentions were always crystal clear between them. After Alderaan's destruction Wesley had defected from the Empire, searching for and finding her cell of the Alliance. With Leia's recommendation, he was instantly given the high rank of Major. She wasn't sure if his main concern had been the Alliance, or her. She remembered that first week after Wesley had arrived.

She had been plodding along, barely holding herself together, not allowing anyone close enough to see how badly she was affected. She sought out the distraction of endless work, and the only freindship she had, Luke Skywalker. Somehow, through everything they had been through together, they had formed a quick bond, which Leia held onto tightly. And then Wesley arrived.

Unplugging with a book

The only person remaining from a distant, broken past. He swept into her life without warning, bringing a strange sort of comfort with him. Thoughts of Alderaan haunted her today, more ruthlessly than ususal. It had been a standard month now, and she was no closer to sanity than she had been when it first happened. Why should I be?

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I have nothing left, nothing to fight for. But she was still fighting. What else could she do? She couldn't allow the Empire's reign of terror to claim another planet full of innocent lives. Normally, she managed to hold herself together better than this, steeling herself against the torrent of emotions that was always on the brink of crashing down around her.

The tears came then, burning her eyes with the vision of the explosion that had claimed Alderaan. The door chimed, and Leia considered ignoring it, until she heard Wesley's voice come through, loud and strong. Leia, are you in there? His voice assaulted her ears again, forc. I wish I would have had a guy like Luke at my high school. He is the epitome of dreamy. He seemed to say all the right things, and man did he have a way with words! His instant attraction to Amy was great.

I sympathized with Amy as she faced one of the hard parts of growing up and figuring out her conflicting feelings for Jake and Chris.

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Chris, well I have no words. It was like watching a train wreck. I will say that Chris did redeem himself slightly by the end of the story, so I do hope he will receive a story in this series. Good clean YA at its best. View all 4 comments. Aug 26, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: ya-romance , contemporary-ya. This was a good YA book. Well written. I wasn't sure I was going to like it in the beginning but everything pulled out ok in the end.

The main characters choices were pretty messed up and I was worried where all this was going and then in walks the hero of the story and he was amazing. I wanted him to walk out of this book and go find a girl that was nicer to him. I wish the story had gone a little deeper with these characters, dug into there brains more but it is written from her POV and you ge This was a good YA book.

I wish the story had gone a little deeper with these characters, dug into there brains more but it is written from her POV and you get a lighter book. It all wraps up really well in the end. This is a teen book with some kissing but over all very clean. Dec 29, Hallie rated it really liked it. Despite the title, and the too-obviously perfect alternative to the poor jerk who keeps Amy as the secret girlfriend, oh, and the overdone invisibility thing, I found this very enjoyable.

Not at all difficult to predict where it's going, but I wasn't in the mood to be bothered by that. Oct 19, Nina rated it it was amazing Shelves: unrequited-heroine , love-triangle , funny. This book tells the story of Amy Whalen, a teenage girl with a crush on the most popular guy in school, Chris Kent. Well I was wrong. This book is a touching story about finding confidence and finding who you are. When I first started reading the book I was still unsure if I was going to like it.

It opens with Amy pining after Chris. So Amy becomes his secret girlfriend and Cheryl, the head cheerleader, becomes his public one. Oh man I really wanted to wallop Chris upside the head for this! Amy started off as sort of a weak character but as the story progresses we see her gain confidence and become more assertive. This is in part thanks to Luke, the new guy in town. Luke was such a sweetheart! At times he was a little harsh but I felt that Bria wrote him perfectly. He was telling Amy all the things I the reader was thinking about her relationship with Chris.

Seeing their relationship blossom was really cute and I was definitely rooting for Luke. Aside from all the boy drama, we have the loneliness Amy feels from being ignored not only at school but also by her father. They never interact with one another, aside from post it notes. It was just so sad. Overall I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book and would recommend it to fans of The Stillburrow Crush.

Oh man that was really cute.. Luke is such and angel and I really loved the way he handled Amy specially at the beginning.. I didn't care for Chris that much and I don't like his personality but I think he will have a big role on the second book overall this one was really cute and I liked how simple the plot was :. Nov 26, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , chick-lit , giveaways , love-triangle-alert , owned-physical-books , sporty-chicks. I got this book from a giveaway at yacentralbooks.

This was the sort of refreshing chick lit book I had been waiting for for a while now. It reminded me a bit of She's All That for those of you who have seen the movie. However, Secret Girlfriend definitely had its own flavor. It's about a high school senior named Amy Whalen who has been totally in love with the same boy, Chris, for years and was finally noticed by him this past summer because they worked to I got this book from a giveaway at yacentralbooks.

It's about a high school senior named Amy Whalen who has been totally in love with the same boy, Chris, for years and was finally noticed by him this past summer because they worked together. But there is a catch to their relationship: in order for him to accomplish his Plan on getting into his dream college, he needs to maintain his popularity. Meaning, little Miss "Invisible" Amy cannot go out with him in public. Instead, he needs to continue his relationship with the head cheerleader for everyone to see so that he can become Homecoming King.

Initially, Amy is fine with this arrangement since, according to Chris, everyone involved in The Plan is aware of their roles. However, when Luke Parker, a new kid with his eye on Chris's position on the soccer field notices Amy, she begins questioning the legitimacy of The Plan. What I loved about this book is that Amy is more than a girl caught up in the whirlwind of young love; she has her own strengths and weaknesses.

As an amazing runner, she is obviously physically strong, but due to a tragedy in her past, she is vulnerable on the inside. Also, I have nowhere else to put it but despite the sadder aspects of this novel, it was absolutely hilarious! I could not stop laughing at some of the parts of the book, much to the annoyance of the people around me. Great job Ms. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down! Feb 25, Lenore Kosinski rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , got-on-sale-or-free. Yup, I enjoyed this. I get how people are upset with Amy being kind of a doormat, but there are real people out there that find themselves in these situations you know.

I think she just wanted it so badly that she convinced herself of a great many things so she could have that one thing that made her feel good. I thought it was a great story of development for her -- she really did grow and change a lot throughout the book, and it was realistic. Oh Luke. Seriously, so adorable. Actually, I think I'm in love with all the Parkers. What a fabulous family. And it wasn't like Luke was perfect either I thought the back story of Amy was really well done too.

Amy really ended up having a lot of people looking out for her, and I thought that was kind of great. I loved the Coach and all he did for her, and how much he saw of what was going on. OK, yeah, don't know what I'm writing anymore. But like I started off this review -- I really enjoyed this book. It was deep, it was adorable, it was frustrating, and it was ultimately satisfying.

Can't wait to read Rachel's story!! Sep 28, Claire rated it really liked it. I could not put this book down. Secret Girlfriend is one of those books that you will stay up and read all night long because the story is so captivating and you just have to know how this one is going to end. What I loved: Amy's transformation throughout the book. She learns a lot about herself and has quite the emotional journey. I thought I had a lot of this story figured out but the twists kept coming and kept me reading. I may have even been a sobbing fool at one point.

Quinlan's take on rel I could not put this book down. Quinlan's take on relationships is so realistic and honest. She writes about tough stuff and makes it real. Everything about this book is real--the insecurities, the doubt, the love, it's all there. These characters FEEL. And you know what, as hard as it may be to read sometimes it's refreshing. What left me wanting more: I could read novels about those Parker boys! Final Verdict: This book will tug at your heartstrings in the best possible way.

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Apr 19, Becca rated it it was amazing. When I started off reading this I detested Chris. It even got to the point where I was annoyed by Amy. I kept thinking what on earth is wrong with this girl. But then I realized I had to take a step back, quit judging her so hard. She clearly doesn't realize what a selfish jerk Chris is to her. She literally has invisibility down to a science. So why would she care if she was the "other girl. Well, then Bria wrote more about Amy and added Luke.

Then developed the story and the characters, and oh my goodness I was hooked. I'm so glad she added Luke and his manners. Plus, he only had eyes for Amy which was sweet. This is not a new concept, but Bria added so many lovely touches that I loved this story. Plot twists were well done and considering it's a teen story I think she nailed it. Dec 29, Erica rated it did not like it. Did not finish. Could not finish. Yikes how could any one give this five stars?

She was dumb and weak. Maybe she pulled it together in the end I would not know , but would that really save this book? After what I read, I guaran-damn-tee it would not! Secret Girlfriend? After reading the title I should have got a clue and stop while I was ahead. Any girl that's willing to be secret girlfriend is no girl I'd root for. Save yourself the trouble. Pulling teeth would be more pleasant then Did not finish. Pulling teeth would be more pleasant then this book. Jun 18, Elisha rated it it was ok Shelves: never-again.

I'm glad Amy finally gets it right, but her weak personality was very annoying. But she was so weak willed, that it seems hard to imagine a person in real life like this without having a social disorder. Jan 09, Jenna rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. Amy has the logic of a twelve year old. She 's being used and I can't stand a weak character.

I mean is she blind, dump and deaf? Parts I really enjoyed, like Luke. I loved Luke. Other parts drove me literally up the wall. I thought this was pretty well written. I got sucked into the story and definitely wanted to see what would happen and to see if Amy would ever get a self-esteem. I admit; I was a little confused when starting the book, I felt like I had missed a chapter or 3.

I admit; I was a little confused when starting the book, I felt like I had missed a chapter or prolog. Chris has some big Plan and has to keep Amy a secret in order to achieve all his dreams. Which turn out to be crowned homecoming King. Apparently he thinks if he gets homecoming King he will have a better shot at getting into college. Yeah, real winner.