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Gaddafi was killed on October 20, , just five months after this was written.

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Could this be a fulfilled prophecy? Just two weeks before this attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for Gaddafi to be captured or killed. What ought to be considered is that the leaders of these countries never would have been told about the judgments compiled by a man detained in a Texas prison cell! If Jeffs had no realistic access to presidents and kings of these nations, could God really expect these leaders to change their ways in order to avoid the proposed judgments?

This decision caused a shock wave across the Mormon world at the time; many groups later broke away from the Salt Lake City—based church because of this decision. Plural marriage is described throughout the book as an eternal principle that never should have been outlawed. In fact, Jesus allegedly claims in Section Revelation —31 that He was polygamous during His life on this earth.

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Yet this number pales in comparison to Jeffs, who had seventy-eight wives, including most of his stepmothers after his father died in Today Jeffs remains in prison, a place he will undoubtedly stay until he dies. Jeffs argues that he is being unfairly treated and limited in his ability to communicate with those outside prison walls. Through it all, Jeffs maintains a firm grip on his people. At the end of , the convicted felon told his followers that the year would never come to pass.

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Whatever the reason, those submitting themselves to Jeffs and the FLDS Church will continue to live under oppression and have their lives continually controlled by a megalomaniac who sits in a prison cell writing supposed revelations that are nothing more than the figments of his own demented imagination. Hank is the author of more than twenty books, which have cumulatively sold millions of copies. Bible Answer Man Hank Hanegraaff. Follow Donate. Listen Archives Podcast Watch on Lightsource.

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Just saying it aloud elicits a variety of emotions from those who recognize the name of the leader of the largest polygamist sect in the world. The church is based in the two bordering towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona; government authorities confiscated its property in Texas including a grandiose temple in January Written just a few months after he had already been convicted and sentenced in Texas for his crimes, Section Revelation —5 states how Jeffs was under no obligation to obey governmental authorities: I, even Jesus Christ, speak to the present judge over court proceedings against my servant Warren Jeffs; I cause him to no longer be of an answering of your unjust and corrupt and unauthorized rulings; as I, the Lord, even Jesus Christ, am above all, and my law is religious and of me, a heavenly power over all creation.

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  • For example, Section Revelation —9 says, Thus saith the Lord: The United States of America shall be left without a responsible head—I, the Lord, allowing the government powers to be disrupted in a manner that they will not be able to fulfill any governmental duties. Appendix Revelation Articles Cancel. Free Resources. Bible Answer Man Episode Reminder Get a sneak-peek into each new show, delivered straight to your inbox! Sign Up.

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    In addition to your newsletter s , you will receive email updates and special offers from Oneplace. About Bible Answer Man Let Christian Research Institute President Hank Hanegraaff and his guests equip you to defend your faith against errors and false teachers, and help you stay strong in your walk with the Lord. Hank and his wife, Kathy, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and are parents to twelve children. Box Charlotte, NC Texas prisons director William Stephens told the AP in the same article that operating a business from a penitentiary is not allowed, so Jeffs' correspondence is heavily scrutinized.

    Despite the fact that he's technically not allowed to have a hand in operations from prison, Jeffs' influence is apparently still felt and he is still considered the leader of the FLDS, according to multiple recent reports. And though many of the reported 10, followers left the church after he went to prison, those who left the FLDS weren't immune to harassment for supporting a man who evaded authorities and appeared on the FBI's most-wanted list for several counts of sexually assaulting minors.

    According to a Rolling Stone article , former FLDS members claimed to have been driven off the road, found dead animals left on their porches, and one victim's advocate even had her office windows shot out.

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    Jeffs' life sentence hasn't yet prevented Jeffs from continuing to influence countless people who remain in his grasp. This guy is crazy. The more power Warren Jeffs loses, the more desperate he becomes. Where Is Warren Jeffs In ?