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The devil manifests in relatively similar ways for Jay and Earl, but how they choose to confront his startling incarnations are distinctly disparate. Like Kendrick Lamar, Earl opts to drop his faith into varying buckets—from drugs to plots of revenge—but also within themselves and their close confidantes.

Earl Sweatshirt self-medicates and reciprocates the love he receives from Black women. Big K. Jay Electronica educates the 85 percent and lets his brain pour water out of his tear ducts to heal himself. And Kendrick Lamar double downs on delivering a message of truth and honesty to the masses after seeing the evils of Lucy and realizing how beautiful both he and his Black heritage are.

From Drake to Jay Electronica, we tracked the course of 11 careers since that game-changing verse five years ago.

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  • Chapter 18, The Spectrum of Pediatric Osteoporosis;
  • Welcome to The Devil & The Universe.

One of hip-hop's very best, most popular MCs has one of the darkest, mainstream discographies. A new generation of artists are attempting to teach self-love. Drake vs. Kendrick—the bliss of living in the moment and the fear of what comes after.

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The list of hip-hop artists who have used songs as a vehicle for incredible, out of the box storytelling is endless. Best Of.

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Nikita Okhotyuk. Daniil Misyul. Graeme Clarke.

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Michael Vukojevic. Tyce Thompson. Case McCarthy.

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Subban posted a video of himself training on the ice in Devils gear on his official instagram account.