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This book takes you through the step-by-step process of learning how to keep track of your negative thoughts, analyze their reality, and recognize how they impact your life. Learn to use a variety of techniques to help release your inner critic's stranglehold and combat its subversive effect on your career achievement, intimate relationships, and sexuality. A final chapter of the book offers parents simple ways to help their children avoid forming a tyrannical inner critic. The self-help literature is strewn with the carcasses of superficial and glib advice.

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Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice presents a wise, bold, and provocative alternative to the limits of similar self-help books. The chapter on intimacy and couple relationships alone is worth the price of the book. Complex psychological phenomena are described in concrete and clear language. The authors offer numerous exercises to help the reader put the book's ideas to immediate use, and they include guidelines for therapists who may want to use the book in their work with patients in psychotherapy.

As a psychologist, spouse, and parent, I have been influenced by the wisdom inherent in the work of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice.

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The authors convey to the reader in simple terms the relevancy of their profound psychology. I am inspired by their commitment to help readers liberate themselves from a legacy that undermines their essential well being and right to a life. I am very pleased that this book is being published because it contains information invaluable to individuals and families.

We tend to express our deepest self-feelings in an interior voice that is at times heavily infused with self-critical messages.

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For many, these negative messages inhibit productive activity and success in relationships. The authors provide a series of self-help exercises to aid in overcoming the painful distances in relationships with those they love and care about. This landmark book reveals an age-old truth, namely: that the sworn enemy of mental health is our own silent voice! The authors depict the problem and then introduce the reader to a proven innovative strategy known as voice therapy that has helped countless clients take charge of their lives.

This highly engaging book is filled with informative real life cases and insightful exercises to help free oneself from the tyranny of a critical inner voice. The sooner people recognize and challenge this 'enemy within' the greater the opportunity they will have for a full, rich, and happy life. Highly recommended to psychologists, counseling therapists, and other helping professionals across the globe. Robert Firestone and his associates have again provided readers with incisive and insightful views into the minds and personalities of those that suffer from negative self-images, depression and destructive impulses.

Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

This book will enlighten and guide therapists who can use the concept of the inner voice to better understand their clients and use the techniques presented in counseling sessions. Freedheim, Ph. Please Sign In or Register to post a comment.

Skip to main content. Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice. Robert W. Life is supposed to be friendly, yet we are bent on chasing people away rather than reaching out. I too live in this world.

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I have pushed away more potential friends than I can even count, all because we truly feel not worthy of anyone. The other day at work, it was announced over the loud speaker that I had a phone call. Your email address will not be published. Step 3: Respond to Your Inner Critic.

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About the Author. Lisa Firestone, Ph. An accomplished and much requested lecturer, Dr.


Firestone speaks at national and international conferences in the areas of couple relations, parenting, and suicide and violence prevention. Follow Dr. Related Articles. God Bless Reply Hi Steve. So on point. My very sentiments. Well written also. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I was once doing a radio show about our my and my father Dr. It was often frightening to take an intelligent risk. You may reprint this article as long as it in tact and proper attribution is given. Are you truly ready to calm the crippling voice of your inner critic? Take advantage of a proven program tested by hundreds of clients before sharing the tools with you.

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You may have seen Dr. Doris Helge, Ph. Doris has helped thousands of people via her coaching and teleclasses. Are you ready to give your inner critic a new job description? Click here to learn how to Conquer Your Inner Critic today! Your Inner Critic is a Hidden Gem. Shortcuts to Personal Empowerment, Confidence, and Success. Your Inner Critic Vs. Your Authentic Self. Give the Gift of No. Bullies in the Workplace. Are You Failing Enough to Succeed?

Relationship Trouble-Discover the Perfection of Imperfection.