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Pamela Lynne. Darcy's Rival. Jane Grix. Love and Laughter. Jann Rowland. Anne Arden. Mistaking her Character. Maria Grace. By Consequence Of Marriage. Elizabeth Ann West. Particular Intentions. A Respectable Man. Aubrey Anderson. Decisions and Consequences. His Inconvenient Choice. Leenie Brown. At All Costs. Rescuing Mrs. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation.

The Collins Conundrum. Meg Osborne. The Darcy Decision. A Virtue of Marriage. Matches Made at Netherfield. Darcy's Bride. Rowan Renault.

P. O. Dixon

No Other Choice. Sharon Lathan. Darcy's Love. Harriet Lark. A World Without Darcy. Rafe Carlson. Snowbound with Darcy. Caitlin Marie Carrington. An Unlikely Friendship. Darcy and Mr. Collins's Widow. Timothy Underwood. Her Father's Choice. Better Than She Deserved. Letty Larchwood. Jack Caldwell. Once Upon a December. Rose Fairbanks. Bound by Love. Darcy's Deal. Mr Darcy Likes It Wild. Beth Massey. Love Wins. Elizabeth Martin. Darcy vs. Victoria Kincaid. Ardently Admired. Cora Stirling. Josie Linley. The Gentleman's Impertinent Daughter.

A Winter Wonder. Waiting for an Echo. Darcy's Passions. The Blessing of Marriage. Alone with Mr. Abigail Reynolds. A January for Jane. The Wickham Wager. Properly Humbled. Words Spoken in Anger. Margaret Gale. Implacable Resentment. The Carriage Ride. The Trouble With Horses. A Quest for Mr Darcy. Designed for Each Other.

Pride and Prejudice Untold. Somehow she has to be different and break out of her family and culture, usually through disobedience. What are these films saying about family life? What are they telling our kids? Every other show is just a gaggle of kids running around together. They really are just being groomed to be thrown in a classroom with 30 other kids their calendar age from the time they are born… Ugh.

I am really looking for good movies that have families in them as well. Daniel Tiger is precious and everything in Peppa Pig although stereotypical at times is rather unassuming and always happens in the context of family. BUT, if you want to talk about an extremely misogynistic Disney movie that portrays its entire cast stereotypically…. The parents are loving to one another, the kids are respectful to each other and their parents. I love that one…and Daniel Tiger too. Just wanted to add that one to your list!

The only thing I dream of is having a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast. Whenever I have kids, my daughter is going to watch them. Frank L. He was a man very ahead of his time. Dorothy is portrayed as the strong hero who saves Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow as opposed to just throwing water on the witch. Definitely a wonderful book showing the strength of women! Most of the Disney movies have dark tragic moments, they had to work for things, and even ignoring that, they are likeable good characters, who are great role models with few exceptions.

They believe in true love and they worked hard for it, and they earned their happy ending. Well said! Please places off your high horse…. I read them when I was growing up. The lioness quartet is about a girl that dresses up as boy to go to become a Knight.

I agree with everything you said about Tamora Pierce, except that he is a she. She has written many wonderful books which I continue to re-read as an adult. The last one is a must and all of these are accessable for elementary and middle school readers. I remember enjoying the Tamora Pierce Lionness books but just to warn everyone the main girl character is a young teenager and has sex with the prince very early in the series. Sara Crewe, her sweet fourteen year old attic friend, and sour faced Mary and Colin??

I loved her stories. And the Illustrations!! The sequel, not so much, but the original is the anti-Twilight. My very feminist eight grade English teacher gave me a copy. Yes, Stargirl is great for the around eleven and up set. I would recommend the Phantom Tollboth, a great book that highlights the importance of learning and adventures. I need to read it again! I was going to recommend this as well! Thank you!

The Pellinor books do have a strong female lead who does struggle but eventually realizes her strength and goes on to succeed. What a great list! He and I continue to have discussions about the lessons learned from this book as well as many other C. Lewis and other Inklings books.

Good call. I have a 9 year old daughter and I read the Hunger Games, though she has not yet. I agree completely that the main character is simultaneously strong, flawed, unique and normal. And I can be quite worried about raising my girl, as well. Thanks, Amy! I LOVE this. I read a pretty convincing article recently that argued Hermione Granger may be one of the most healthy young female role models to come out of pop culture in the past 10 years.

Miss you! I think I read the same article! Really good. Miss you, too! Saw your mom at Mass on Sat. Past ten years? Past EVER. Which one do you want to be like? My nine-month-old has this, and thinks the pages taste yummy. My one-year-old got this for her birthday from her Godmother, and it is definitely her favorite book! We read it over and over again. I absolutely second the Black Arrow. So many great suggestions! And Caddie Woodlawn. These are fantastic suggestions, Marianna! Haley, such a great list, love it. Yes to all these! Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley. The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander.

See a Problem?

The Prydain Chronicles are my absolute favorite books ever! Lots of great morals without being preachy. Thank you for the great list of books! Loved them as a little girl and have been meaning to get my hands on a copy of the set! In itself, I thought it was a good film but yeah, it basically has nothing to do with the storyline…. I want to 2nd the Betsy-Tacy series. They are set at the beginning of the 20th century, yet the girls all go off to university or get jobs after high school.

Some girls even work after marriage. My favorite: Emily of Deep Valley. Both about girls who overcame adversity in their own ways. I recently read that Louisa May Alcott detested little girls, she only wrote the book for the money. Interesting, huh? I love Little Women so much. Glad you enjoyed it, Jen! Sorry to jot in at such a random place in the discussion thread. A girl with courage, joie de vivre, gumption and brains.

A real heroine. Just came across this on Pinterest today. Good, strong female leads. I have to second this! Oh yes yes yes to Belle!!! I actually went and bought it from my high school library when I was a teenager because I had borrowed it six times in a row and my librarian wanted me to find something else. Pippi Longstocking! Finally, Coraline, by Neil Gaiman. You can tell this was a book written by a father to his daughters.

Bravery and self reliance are difficult qualities to teach. Great list! I have two daughters and am always looking for positive role models for them. It just kills me the people our world seems to be presenting for them to look up to…Thanks for sharing! Best young heroine out there. She is funny, and smart, and strong, and passionate, and naive. Lyra is freaking awesome. Yes, Dark Materials is great, Lyra is awesome and grows so much throughout the series too.

I think it was by Garth Nix. Yes yes yes to His Dark Materials! Lyra is a fantastic protagonist. I was thrilled when my younger cousin lent me the books. They get better as they go too. Side-splittingly funny and Tiffany is a great strong girl learning to be a witch which turns out to be a lot of tough dirty work and not much magic.

Oh, great list. I love it! Like you, I worry about the images of young women and even little girls! All those horrid Barbie and Princess books that just belong in the recycling bin! I have started reading the Little House books with my girls, and I love them just as much now as I did as a kid. I can truly say that the majority of these I have read and they have formed the platform for my literary backbone! In fact, I have made a practice of re-reading little women every march since I was in college. Anne of green gables? I have a 3-year-old boy, too! I just started reading Little House in the Big Woods to him and was pleasantly surprised that there is so much in it that would interest a little boy.

Thanks for the recommendation! There are a whole series. Little Britches is a fantastic book! My mom read it to me and my brother when we were young and we loved it. Anne is definitely 1 in my book, but I would also add the Emily books by L. Montgomery, too. I read it as a twelve-year old girl and have loved it ever since. I like the Emily series even better than the Anne series, though I love them both. And I would also add The Hunger Games, as others have suggested. But she is definitely her own character.

Another author I love is Gail Carson Levine. Probably best known for Ella Enchanted, but she also wrote The Princess Tales classic fairy tales retold where the girl character is never helpless or boring and The Two Princesses of Bamarre, which is all about finding strength. The lead is not always a girl, but just like boys benefit from books about girls, I think it goes the opposite way as well. The Giver especially has some very important messages about society and what we value. I read Up a Road Slowly as a girl at first because the main character, Julie, and I share our name and it affected me quite a bit.

I have always wondered if it was the strength of the writing or that name connection, so it is interesting to hear someone else who enjoyed it! I read a lot as a young girl and loved the books that really moved me. There are others but my memory is as good as it used to be. My daughter is 7. I was reading most of these books at her age. I found this list via Pinterest—love that site. I would add one of my favorites from when I was a girl cough, a lot of years ago now but I have a 3 year old so am pretending to be young.

Absolutely agree with this and would add a book called Cinder Edna. She is totally charming and self-sufficient. I just read it at the store and cracked up laughing at the awesome ending! It is such a good one! I had memorized it by nine and did it as a reading to get into a talent class. Very strong female who had to go through hard things, but kept her head up and learned to be responsible.

I love all things Kate Dicamillo, but that is I think the strongest female role in any of her books. I love these books! Anne is by far my very, very favorite character ever. I have read the books so many times, I feel like she grew up with me. I read one or two of the Anne books every year! The Little House books were a huge part of my childhood but I read most of the Judy Blume books over and over. I think Judy Blume almost wrote handbooks for adolescent girls….

One more suggestion to add to your growing list: What about Miss Rumphius? In simpler board book for younger babies. I started reading it to my daughter when around 6 months, one of her favourites. I love it!!! Thank you so much for wanting your daughter to be a strong independent individual. Get her addicted to reading at an early age, and you will never regret it!! It it THE one thing that can help them have a better future.

I was already reading at a second grade level by kindergarten, and I was a lover of reading my entire life from then on!! Make it something you do together, and it will also add some great quality bonding time in as well. That was how my sister and I bonded, through reading books together. Not only through many baby cousins, but I have MANY teachers in my family so I know a tihng or two about educating children and what can help them succeed! I used to run the childrens department of our local indie bookstore yes that included the teen section and… unfortunately… all the delights of peddling Twilight to impressionable young girls.

I always recommended Tuck Everlasting. The whole time I was reading Twilight I kept screaming in my head that someone needs to give this girl a copy of Tuck Everlasting. One of my all time favorite books and definately stuck with me. Found ya via Pinterest. The books are exciting, and they also get you really thinking about the consequences of your actions.

However, I recommend these books to everyone I know with a tween daughter. A young girl facing and conquering adversity…A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Easily my all-time favorite book. Probably not for a very young teen, but mid to late teens, absolutely.

He Taught Me to Hope: Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest

And such a strong female character overcoming a lot of adversity! I was beginning to question myself!! I think Francie is one of the greatest heroines of all. Love this! The Little House books were the books that really made me be a reader. Two years ago I was able to go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield, Missouri one of the first things on my list of things to do before I die. Anyway, some of my other favorite books:. I totally forgot about Island of the Blue Dolphins!! I first read that book for school in about 4th or 5th grade, and I thieved an old copy of it from one of my classrooms.

It was even better than I remembered! Piggle-Wiggle Series. I quite agree! I adored Mrs. Maybe my 3-year-old son would be ready for it if I could get him to sit still long enough! I remember my Dad reading them to me. If I could add one more to my list, I think it would be Narnia. I love them so! And my daughter is a Lucy just like Lucy Pevensie.

What a fantastic list found it on Pinterest. So now I have to follow your blog. When my son was born 11 weeks ago, I was taken off guard, sure I was going to have a girl that I could raise to be a self-assured woman who would change the world. But then I realized that little boys have just as much potential to eradicate sexism once and for all. Anyway, my comment is that I plan to read all of these to my son as well. He should be equally as comfortable with strong female protagonists and learn to recognize women in literature as something more than a pair of boobs.

They truly kick ass with not an ounce of gratuitous sexiness. I love this list. They are about girls growing up in Mankato, MN around the turn of the last century and are semi-autobiographical. The Betsy-Tacy books have been recommended to me so many times. They are on my list to acquire! Thanks, Sherry! The Lovely Bones. Great list!! Love that you mentioned Harry Potter!

Those two young women shaped my life. I have 3 daughters. I was also agree with commenter about Hunger Games. I also read more of the Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books.

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Also a book that stuck with me when I was a teen — was Go ask Alice. All good books to consider. Right now my 6 yr is more into the magictree house series. She loves the Harry Potter movies will do the books soon and commenter mentioned Avatar the last airbender tv show not movie — although my daughter has seen both. There are many good books out there — Takes to this post to pinterest I can work on finding more books. All great books for young girls and also for boys.

I have one boy and two girls and have introduced many of these books to him as well. Books with strong female characters are just as important for him as they are for my girls. Thank you for the list. I really like this list and only have read about half of the books.

I look forward to reading the others posted. I mostly worry about my daughter being as much of a people-pleaser as I was and not demanding respect from men. I plan on trying to place strong women in her life as much as possible. I also wonder, should I show her all the unpleasant views of women? Just to show her what she may be up against?

Your audiobook is waiting…

Definitely worth reading as a mom, if not as a duo. Your list was great to begin with and is amazing now! In addition to all the treasures already listed I have a few more that are well loved at our house. There are some great suggestions in here! I definitely want to get the Eleanor Estes book. This reminded me of all the Dear America books that I used to read as a young girl. Not only did they introduce me to some wonderful female characters that happened to be about my age at the time, but it also got me really interested in history.

There are also a bunch of similar fictional diary-style books of prominent royal historical figures such as Elizabeth I of England, Isabella of Spain, and Cleopatra. Of course, in the same vein are the American Girl books. Kudos to you! I think this is one of the best things a parent can do preparatory to raising a child- making a list of good books their children can read. I think you should add the Prydain chronicles by Lloyd Alexander to this list.

Smashwords – He Taught Me to Hope - A book by P. O. Dixon - page 1

Eilonwy is an amazingly strong, intelligent, female character. And funny to boot. My favorite is A Ring of Endless Light. A wonderful book for any teen or preteen girl. I keep hearing about the Prydain chronicles. Thanks for reminding me! Vicky Austin is not perfect, but she is interesting, and different, and a writer, and she stays true to herself. I love your suggestions. I need to get the gumption to start reading aloud to my daughter she is almost 4!

Thanks for such an inspiring list: Some on my future reading list now! Love all of these and love your blog just found it via Pinterest. My fave of all time is Mandy… So few have heard of it. Little princess, secret garden… Faves too. I love her books. Mandy was one of those ones that really made me LOVE reading. To this day, one of my favorite books of all time. I really loved Daddy Long Legs Jean Webster , not only is the main female character witty and strong but it makes you want to write real letters again.

I am actually reading it yet one more time this days… Thank you free kindle e-books! The only time she stood up for anything was in rejecting Henry Crawford but that mostly because she was still hoping beyond hope that Edmund would not marry Mary Crawford, rather that the better reason that they were a terrible match.

Mary Crawford, Edmund? This is a great list. Also amazing books, for a younger reader, are the American Girl series. And…Wow, I could probably list an entire library, but I cannot seem to think right now. I read a lot when I was little…still do…Good luck introducing her to the wide, wide world of literature. Especially the Addy, Felicity, and Molly books. My daughter, now almost 25, has read and loved both the Twilight books and the Potter series.

I made it thru all the Potter books — thought Rowling got a little tedious at times, but had to drag myself thru the first Bella book, holding my nose the entire time. And I love to read! I told my daughter there was no way I could stomach any more of that twaddle, if she wanted sexy vampires to read Ann Rice. Hiding all my own fears and worries, I raised her to be proud of her accomplishments. She plays piano, was a dancer in her teens soloed , has been riding since age 8, earned a black belt at 10, spent a couple summers cowgirling on a WY ranch, and earned summa cum degrees in both radiography and MRI.

She is clear-thinking, competent, and kind. Bet you can tell she makes me proud! And Sherry Gorse, thanks for the reminder! We read the Betsy-Tacy books too, and loved them. Oh my word! I completely agree with you about that horrible Anne, The Continuing Story. What in the world was that?! I was actually so very disappointed that Megan Follows even agreed to play that role.

I bet Lucy Maude Montgomery rolled over in her grave. The Continuing Story does kill a part of your soul— I lost my copy on purpose. I love the list and have read all but the last two and agree completely with all of them. If not— go do it— now. Believe me you will be glad you did.

Haha, lost your copy on purpose! I love it. Thanks for the suggestion! The Little Princess! This list and comments brought back so many memories. I loved the emily books, ramona, matilda, narnia, little house. I would also suggest the wolves of willoby chase. For maybe 10 or 11 yrs old. Great suggestions! I would also recommend anything by Diana Wynne Jones, whose fantasy books are full of imperfect therefore more realistic , powerful female characters.

Also, as long as you can be sure your daughter is reading the Twilight series in full mockery mode, I believe she will be safe from harm. I myself have read them but so far feel no ill effects. My book role models still include many of the female characters above, especially those from Harry Potter. One last suggestion would be To Kill A Mockingbird. Other than that, great list! What a great discussion! I would like to add Sharon Creech to this list. Her YA novels are wonderful. Ok, I think we are kindred spirits!

Another commenter posted about the Jean Auel books and while the last few books are not nearly as gripping and sometimes even tedious, the first few portray a strong, smart, rock solid yet human girl growing up in a VERY challenging environment. There are some sexual overtones to parts of the book maybe the author was frustrated in that department?

Thanks for such a wonderful post to encourage, not only great reading, but positive self image to our daughters. I read The Little Engine that Could to my kids when they were babies and continued until they could read it themselves. Pay attention to the gender of the trains. The Liitle Engine that does, is female. Girls and boys protecting Walt Disney World. These were my favorite books growing up! I recently reread them and fell even more in love with them! They are a must! The Paper Bag Princess! This is Beyond a staple in my home!

It is a childrens book, but packs in a powerful message!!! I came across this list on Pinterest, and I love the books on it, both in the original post and in the comments. I have read the majority of them and there are some really amazing books here! It gets me excited to eventually read them with my baby daughter. I was so disappointed, however, to see that no one has listed Ella Enchanted yet! This was my very favorite book growing up, and the heroine is so inspiring for a young girl.

Ella is actually cursed to HAVE to do what people tell her to, and yet does everything in her power to live her own life and break the curse. She even tries to sacrifice her own life, love, and happiness for the safety of the kingdom and the love of her life. She is strong and courageous and brave. The movie belongs in the garbage, completely destroyed the book. The book is classic and so much fun for a young girl to read. I kept reading to make sure that Ella Enchanted was mentioned. Talk about a girl over coming trials. I have read thos book more times than I can remember and have gotten others to love it took.

It is about what sisters will do for each other. I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone had mentioned this book! But yes, totally ignore the movie. Maybe someone has mentioned this one, but my absolute favorite when I was younger and even today, as I like to revisit it every now and then is Ella Enchanted. I like to put it in the kick-ass Cinderella category. Loved reading your post — brought back memories of my mom reading the Anne series and the Little House on the Prairie series!

I recommend author Shannon Hale, I love her books, they are well written, enjoyable and mostly about strong women one book focuses on a male main character. Her adult books are more hit and miss, but the YA books are great. I would also recommend the Bayern series. Lots of strong women in these books. Such strong, independant thinking, yet still feminine, gentle and loving female leads. Definitely a great fairy tale addition to this list.

Something pecular. Dodie Smith also wrote Dalmations and its super weird sequal with telepathic flying dogs. The Penderwick series by Jeanne Birdsall — about 4 sisters who are all so different but bring amazing things to the table. Wonderful role models and easily readable by 4th or 5th grade, much earlier if you read to them. Lira is one of the best girl characters ever written. I almost named my daughter after her.

She is a tomboy who gets to run amok in an academic environment. She is contrasted with her finely dressed and coiffed parent who is trying to do horrible things to kids in the name of religion. Also, The Westing Game by Raskin. Anything by Konigsburg. The Westing Game! One of my very favorites as a kid. Off to Amazon to order that gem, thanks for the reminder.

I remember discovering Ella Enchanted in the library in 5th grade, and falling in love. All of those books made me feel like I could do absolutely anything! It is a retelling of Cinderella in a way, but so much more. I totally agree about the third Anne movie — no one else I know can understand why I make such a fuss! So I just found your blog via pinterest. Also, he is ridding our house of all things disney princess. Love your list. These are great! It is about a girl who survives on an island after trying to go back to take care of her younger brother.

Island of the Blue Dolphins is the first book I remember reading as a young girl that truly moved me. Must read! They deal with all of the things girls grapple with in life, and in the early s! I could go on and on as I love to read! Books and reading have always been a passion for me and my memories of being read to by my mother, and when I was a little older, reading books with her, are memories I will always cherish. I have two daughters, and I am always praying that they understand the complexity of womanhood — strong, yet tender.

Love all the book suggestions! The Hunger Games series — strong female character with little interest in romance. The Millennium series The Girl Who… — strong female character, albeit with some messed up baggage. Definitely NOT for young audiences, though, due to a couple of graphic rape scenes. The doll came with a chapter book about Julie.

I came to read a number of American Girl books. The books include a number of Historical fiction series with very strong girls represented. The characters are smart, strong, and resourceful. The lead characters all come up against a big problem, and they overcome these obsticles through perseverance and courage. A great series for young girls. I agree on the American Girl books. Some of my favorites in early elementary school and great role models for girls!! The lead character is a female detective named Kinsey Millhone before mobile phones and internet.

In junior high I read the Trixie Belden series. Luna, Thank you for mentioning Trixie Belden! I knew my previous reply to a comment a couple of posts above yours was leaving out several of my favorites but I felt I was running on and on as I tend to do when it comes to books! A family of 4 daughters raised by their widower professor father. The author is intimate with Edith Nesbit, C. Lewis … and even Jane Austen.

LOVED it and the sequel is just as well done. My children are a couple of years younger than the Penderwick girls. But absolutely worth checking out her stuff. I loved the Tamora Pierce books as well. I have them saved for my daughter when she is older. Her latest series is a great strong female character as well. My middle-grade novel , May B. So glad to see Karen Cushman mentioned… Catherine, Called Birdy is a fabulous story of a Middle-Ages girl whose father assumes he can force her into the arranged marriages that were so popular in those days.

Her spirit is indomitable! Matilda Bone, another great one… anything by KC. If you struggle with the idea of princesses, her take on what should be taught is amazing diplomacy, strength, etc. And a word about the princess thing in general… from someone who vowed never to allow a Barbie or Little Mermaid in in the house but now has a very strong-willed, vocal yrold who, of course wanted to play with those very things … that stuff is out there and the trick is not to ban them, but to use them as teachable moments.

Oh, and the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate- turn-of-the-century girl with an old-fashioned mother and a grandfather who helps her develop her scientific reasoning skills. Another good one! Where were you when I was a kid? I wore very similar boots and learned to sew and bake bread and make enough preserves to make Laura Ingalls and Anne proud!

Great list. Very cool! So jealous of your copy of A Girl of the Limberlost!! Definitely an all-time favorite of mine. I agree with all but the Jane Austen one. Mariane in Sense an Sensibility becomes ridiculously distraught after she finds out Willoughby is engaged to someone else. She gets seriously ill and almost dies as a direct result of his abandonment. Tanya, I completely agree that Marianne is a basket case.

Characters that make mistakes can often reveal more about virtue than perfect characters! I agree on the Jane Austen front. They are a bit quaint, and heavy on good old fashioned imagination and clean adventure. They were out of print in the US for along while but are back in paperback now. I love the list of books you have recommended, i too grew up reading most of them. I told her that she was way too young and that I thought she would get more out of reading the Ann of Green Gables series which she loves as well as the Enchated woods.

I admit that I have read the Twighlight series and when she is much older she can do the same but definitely not now. James Dobson. Also check out the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett about a brave girl witch. Starts with The Wee Free Men. I love this list, more for myself at the moment, and any future children I have later on. Great suggestions in the comments too! And thank you for calling out the hard truth about the so-called third Anne movie. It was a painful experience for me and I wish I never saw it!!!

I felt exactly the same way. I get literally angry every time I think of it. Sadly I actually read the Twilight books because I wanted to know what the hype was all about. I found the writing poor, and Bella too helpless and weak. The only thing she had going for her was that she liked reading but everything else I found terrible about her! I agree about that Anne movie too. Love, love, love the books though. The only suggestion I have for raising strong capable girls is getting them interested in sports.

My daughter is a gymnast and soon to be a black belt in karate and she is growing up wanting to be smart and capable so far touch wood! She is an avid reader and Hermoine Granger is who she wants to emulate. I tell her that your character is the only thing you truly own so you need to protect it. It is such a worry though when there are so many things they are bombarded with!

I laughed out loud with your description of the Anne of Green gables sequel, the continuing story. I grew up with the books, and unusually, loved the mini series just as much, so when I saw there was a new one, with the same actors, no less, I was so excited! Then I saw it, and as you said, I think part of me died that day! I agree with this list. And I love the whole idea behind it. I told my husband about the list and he laughed out loud and said he had to see it.

I particularly recommend the Emily trilogy. Also, one correction — Anne lived during the Victorian era which makes her BA more amazing!! The movies were moved up several decades and make it seem she got it during the Edwardian era, but the books are actually set much earlier. And that last movie was an absolute travesty — you are so correct!!! So glad you liked it! Thanks for the correction, you are so right! I recently finished Cranford by Mrs. Gaskell and hate to admit it but…I actually liked the recent miniseries better!

They are recommended for ages The series is set in a medieval-like past and has several strong female characters. I loved this series so much that the night we were just about finished the books and it was time for my daughter to go to sleep, I took the book downstairs and finished it on my own. This series follows a young girl in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. She is forced, when her father is arrested, to pose as a young boy so she can go to the market and earn money for her family. It goes on for 3 books and gives children a great sense of how fortunate we are in non-war-torn countries and how oppressive certain forms of government can be.

I read those books over and over again. I think that Harriet the Spy shows a girl who loved to learn and was curious to a fault. And come on Anne Frank I just think she was an amazing person. A lot of people think it is a sensitive subject but I started reading this around 4rth grade and it made me want to learn more about her and the bravery of her as well as so many other people:.

Aslan is a wonderful and inspirational character whether you read into the Christian undertones or not, and the whole book is about learning to love and growing up responsibly. I feel as if I just read the column I would have written if I had had the time. How I agree with you — your list comprises almost all my favorites, especially the lesser-read Lewis and Undset! And always and forever, the Narnia Chronicles. I, too, enjoyed L.

I responded to a few comments, but to condense it all, I love your list, and would add the following that I did not see recommended by others; I agree with a great deal of the other recommendations already put forth above :. Loved that one! I simply have to add the Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry. She portrays Cleopatra in a very real , flawed, human , lovable, inspiring way.

Good luck! One of my absolute favourite books of all time is Ronja Rovardottar by Astrid Lindgren so Swedish, not Norwegian and you should absolutely add it to your list! Whoa such a great list! I read and loved all those books as a girl-ok I read Sigrid Undset when I was 16 and it changed my life! No Twilight! I hope you plan on doing a similiar list for sons! Wish granted! I might also add The Hunger Games to the list, but probably when your daughter is a little older.

Katniss Everdeen is an amazingly strong female role who gets things done not really because she wants to, but because she wants to protect her little sister. I came across this list via Simple Mom and it is inspiring. I want to be able to raise boys who appreciate strong, intelligent, assertive girls. Found this on Pinterest.

There are some great, strong girls to look up to in those books. This list is fantastic, I saw it on Pinterest and just had to check it out. Awesome list though, and all the books in the comments make it that much better. It is about an independent woman.!! Or two. Princess Academy is one I am looking forward to reading to my daughter. Ignore the princess part and fall in love with a girl who saves her whole community by finding her strengths. What an incredible list! Nancy Drew was and is a good friend to me.

The first 56 are the best not a huge fan of any after that. I believe these van inspire girls in so so many ways! Not everyone enjoys them but if you are looking for a strong, smart, resourceful and talented girl Nancy is one to try! The Good Master, by Kate Seredy. Besides having the amazing, flawed and brave girl, the beauty in family and faith rituals are captivating.

Betsy-Tacy also is great. I try to preread as many modern books as I can for her. For the younger crowd pre-k to about 2nd grade I really like the Junie B Jones books. Love, love, LOVE your list! Another one to check out sometime, if you can find it, is Mrs. It was made into a film in the s, I believe. Was so glad to see Limberlost and Kristen Lavransdatter on this list- loved all of them.