Ethical Claims in Advertising

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Typically, the production costs of most commercially produced clothing are a closely guarded secret. By boldly revealing precisely how much each of its garments costs to make, Everlane can offer its customers the kind of transparency consumers want while enjoying the considerable karma this kind of radical transparency offers. Consumer demand for ethically produced cleansing products has intensified in recent years, and although there are literally hundreds of brands of soap available on the market, few are as unique or memorable as Dr.

Image via Mother Jones. In the years since the cage incident, David Bronner has been extremely active in many areas of social and environmental justice, including the fight for greater oversight into the labeling of products that include genetically modified ingredients.

To this end, Dr.

Legal Requirements

The company is committed to several tangible objectives, including raising awareness of crucial environmental and social justice issues, the use of USDA-certified fair-trade ingredients whenever possible, and to equitable compensation structures that limit executive pay to five times that of lower-level employees.

Image via Global Agriculture. To that end, many companies are seeking to improve conditions for coffee farmers and producers around the world, and one of the best is Conscious Coffees. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Conscious Coffees was founded in by Mark and Melissa Glenn, who later sold the business to current owner Craig Lamberty earlier this year. Since its founding, Conscious Coffees has worked tirelessly to improve its production pipelines to benefit growers, farmers, and suppliers across South America.

Like Dr. Conscious Coffees-affiliated growers preparing coffee beans. Image via Conscious Coffees. In addition to its strong commitment to ethical production processes and fair-trade commerce, Conscious Coffees engages in a wide range of community outreach initiatives. Its CAFE Livelihoods Program empowers people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua to own and operate their own coffee businesses through training workshops and ongoing guidance and support. The company regularly donates coffee to the local Community Cycles program , a project run by cycling enthusiasts from across the Boulder region who help other cyclists with repairs, maintenance, and refurbishment of old and used bicycles.

Bike enthusiasts at a Community Cycles event. Conscious Coffees is the perfect example of a brand that not only uses ethical marketing practices, but embodies them in everything it does. Ever watch one of those food documentaries on Netflix about industrialized agriculture?


From corporate strong-arming of family owned farms by huge corporations to the abject cruelty and misery inflicted on livestock, farming is a far cry from the bucolic, pastoral scenes presented to us on the packaging of many foods in our local supermarkets. An entirely worker-owned cooperative, Farmer Direct is farming with a mission. The co-op is affiliated with several organizations with a focus on sustainable farming, including the Cornucopia Institute and the Fair World Project. In addition to its vibrant, active social media presence through which Farmer Direct offers a range of healthy eating tips, recipes, and other fun content , Farmer Direct maintains a lively blog and newsletter, both of which serve as further opportunities to help people make better decisions about their food and live a more conscientious lifestyle as consumers.

Perhaps a little unusually for an agricultural organization, Farmer Direct also maintains a surprisingly good Pinterest profile, which is always great to see alongside the mainstays of Facebook and Twitter. This is a much longer-term goal, and a really ambitious one, too. Industrialized agriculture has transformed the way we eat - and not in a good way.

Many farms emphasize their organic certifications or their beautiful pastures where their livestock are free to roam and wander, but Farmer Direct wants to raise awareness of how factors such as topsoil erosion can devastate rural farming communities and even individual farms. These companies have embraced ethical marketing not as a cheap gimmick they can exploit to drive sales, but as a core part of their mission and values as organizations. Beatty, Sharon E. Belch, George E.

The Influence of Advertising – Business Ethics

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Ethical Marketing: 5 Examples of Companies with a Conscience

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Unethical Advertising

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Technology advertisements that cross ethical, legal lines

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